2013: 12th day of Animanga


Attack on Titans 

The anime (and manga) that created a wave of craziness and a passionate fandom. 

Foxy Lady Ayame: Actually, the fandom is what made AoT such a great experience -or a nightmare… This is a shounen series that got international fame after all, and the more people involved, the more varying reactions appeared. There were (and still are) very intense shipping wars especially among headcanon yaoi ships to the point of not just flaming fanartists but also the mangaka himself. On the other hand there’s the creativeness that has to show a vast pool of artworks, cosplay, character ask tumblrs that answer not just with words, photographs, amvs, instrumental and vocal covers. A portion of them are parodies, but there are also honest tributes, which I appreciate much more.

The music for the series is enthralling; it really makes me feel like my blood boils during the OPs and the other action scenes, and moves me to tears when drama is played out. Perhaps the lyrics of songs like Call My Name are random and/or cheesy, yet I get carried away and that’s what matters at the end of the day. I can’t describe you how overwhelmed I feel when I hear the german lyrics here and there or the german dubs. I can speak German, so that’s one reason, and the other is that I find this language so befitting for war hymns and laments with its rough pronounciation that exalts raw emotion.


Neko-kun: I must say though, the fandom oftenly ignored some of SnK’s serious flaws, like its horrible pacing and frame repetitions that tired most viewers. I am sure most people are thinking of the “Battle of Trost District” arc, but for me the final blow was the recap episode that was broadcasted after that. It took Eren 5-6 weeks to seal Wall Rose. My patience with the lack of almost anything interesting happening was truly tested at the time, but somehow me and Foxy Lady managed to keep on watching the show; the recap almost forced me to drop it right there though. Fortunately, the extreme slow pace of the story started to change from there after, or else I would not continue watching.

F: Yeah, indeed it got loose around the middle. But despite that we were on the edge of our seat till next week for every next episode. The series gave us many memorable moments and characters to care about. My most favorite are those that involve Armin and when Levi confronts the two other soldiers for wanting to retrieve the bodies of their friends as well as the loss of his own people.

Armin is such a beloved lil fellow, all scared and self-deprecating at the start, but Armin's_pride_as_a_soldiersuch a strategical genius, brave when it counts, down to earth, understanding the risks and the sacrifices as well as the complexity of the human heart. I loved his speech in defense of Eren and I admired the truth he spoke about ‘being good to someone’ – it’s very hard to be good to everyone indeed.

empty chairsLevi’s scene is in the episode that caused a big rucus about himself and Petra. I don’t care so much about this ship though. What I care about is that he isn’t just admired/feared by others but he himself, too, has depended and loved people in spite of his poker face. Another important thing to notice is how he keeps his act together and doesn’t do anything irresponsible that’d endanger the team no matter in what emotional turmoil he is.

On top of that, the comparison made by some fans between this episode and the scene from Les Miserables where Mario sings ‘Empty chairs at empty tables’ was so poignant that I cried a lot.

N: My favorite scene was Erwin’s speech, because he uses honesty to inspire the tumblr_mqmvlaI7Tx1qbd52ro10_1280applicants who wish to join the survival corps. Those of you who have done some military service know how rare it is for generals, captains, etc. to avoid the usual cliches. Informing someone that he/she’ll face hell when in uniform and still managing to inspire that person to fight, is a remarkable achievement.

snk ships by  アキ, たびこ, wins

Marco x Jean, Christa x Ymir, Erwin x Levi by アキ, たびこ, Wins respectively

F: And let’s close the post in a circular manner -kinda- with fandom talk. FY ships! Although I had heard lots of good things from manga readers for the yumikuri couple, we unforunately didn’t get but 1-2 scenes in the whole anime. But I’m definitely going to read the manga and I’ve been spoilered about both Ymir’s and Christa’s character and they make an honestly cute and tender couple where they better themselves together (till death do them apart which might be soon TT_TT). So, I grew fonder of other, male couples. Jean x Marco is a short-lived (in the story) headcanon yet it’s still present in the fandom and with a good reason as Jean has shown such a splendid character growth and Marco was a great supporter AND a cutiepie. Of course, nothing is like eruri… I kinda went into such a crazy fangirling mode after the Female Titan capture when they show such absolute trust to one another; plus Erwin-sama being so clever and determined and fearless and…. *ahem* ; plus this awesome fanfic called Audacity by Shoi.

Overall the anime had its ups and downs. It has an intriguing premise and great characters and many many moments that’ll stay with you. We more than like it!

snk hope


2 thoughts on “2013: 12th day of Animanga

  1. Thanks for your article on “Attack on titan”. I am a little bit older manga reader / anime viewer and have a hard time finding stuff that I like (aka not childish). I had never heard of “Attack on Titan” so I have started watching it. Currently I am at episode 12 and I can say that I really like this anime! That is what I like about your articles: that I discover new/different sorts of mangas, animes I like. Thanks!


    • I can understand you; as someone gets older the tastes change and it becomes harder to enjoy things intended for a younger audience (unless you are Neko-kun 😛 He’s an eternal child when it comes to entertainment, hehe).

      We’re very glad you find things to enjoy through us. Part of the reason we write is to share the love after all 🙂


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