2013: 8th day of Animanga



Bibliophiles, spies and yuri fodder. Three reasons to watch and be enamored.

1. Bibliophiles


Yumiko Readman is a substitute teacher with a shy and spacey demeanor who adores and obsesses over books. She sleeps and actually lives among them. She gets carried away bying them to the point of getting broke; moreover she can get so absorbed by them that she loses contact with her surroundings. Bookworms everywhere sure can see themselves in her. That trait of hers reminds me Neko-kun a lot, sine he always carries around a book/notebook, caresses his books ecstatically and yells at whomever bends them and generally treats them carelessly…

2. Spies

paper weapons

The aforementioned behavior of Yumiko would make me doubt seriously how competent a warrior she would be in real life, but somehow the series made me love her and prooved my assumptions false. She and her paper-bending powers are more than cool. She can change the hardness and shape of paper at will and create anything from a shield to a sword. The Paper’s not to be underestimated when a book is concerned or a friend is in danger. Despite having an air of naivety, she can be fierce. Her pure honesty is both touching and fearsome.

Her partner, Nancy Makuhari, can manipulate the substance of her own body, effectively passing through walls and other materials- hence the code name ‘Miss Deep’. She’s more eye-catching than The Paper due to her asset-exposing costume design, yet she’s certainly more than that, so you can oversee the fanservice if it isn’t your cup of tea. Plus her character is quite assertive and mysterious which fits her sexy image.

Also, the accompanying music, specifically the series’ theme, highlights the adventure atmosphere and brings the nostalgia of James Bond and other similar films.

3. Yuri fodder

shoujo ai rod

The budding relationship between Yumiko and Nancy might not be interpreted as romantic by many who don’t possess yuri goggles, but I believe anyone can appreciate the kindness the girls show to each other and how their affection grows as they get to spend more time together at the battlefield and out of it. And damn, aren’t they so cute together?

It’s only 3 episodes but it’s quite powerful both action-wise and emotion-wise. Read or Die made be sob grossly by its end if that’s enough an indication for you.


P.S.: Those who pay attention to the openings of series will certainly find R.O.D.’s opening very attractive with the smooth and alluring movement of the hands in the beginning and the enigmatic naked female forms with the distinct typography. I really really liked it.


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