2013: 6th day of Animanga


Guyver: The Bio Booster Armor

As a science fiction fan, I admit that the genre is a big mystery to me. There are works that seem to have what it takes to be interesting, yet they fail to deliver the blow that’ll wake up my fanboyism. And there are works like Guyver: The Bio Booster Armor that contains many of the stereotypes an average fan of science fiction expects, yet they instantly hit the target once the story starts.

As a story that started in the mid-late 1980s, Guyver is clearly a product of its time. The main protagonist, Sho Fukamachi, is just a high schooler who just happened to combine with an alien fighting armor; since then, he and his allies are forced to battle against the evil corporation of Krohnos. The story’s first plus is that Sho does not suddenly turn into a badass macho superhero, but remains a human being with weaknesses. He can’t defeat everyone on his own or be everywhere he is needed and emotion plays a big role to the way he fights. He is a humble person and the only reason he goes through this adventure is because he has to.


The rest of the cast has some interesting characters, Makishima and Murakami being by far the most complex of all. I may be a fan of Tetsuro, but he is little more than your typical sidekick who is much weaker than the protagonist and simply tries to encourage or help him through other means. Even though I am not anywhere close to being a “social justicer”, I find Yumiko’s role to be extremely boring. It’s not that I don’t like her -I like all kind hearted people- but it’s amazing how she is depicted as being unable to do anything but cry and scream for help. [1] As for the villains, there are those who are boring (Hamilcar, most of the Zoanoids and the two first Lost Numbers), those who are despicable (Guyot, how lame can you get?), the “indifferent to decent” (The Hyper Zoanoid team) and there is Aptom. Who is awesome. Period.

The plot is interesting and from the beginning it shows its potential to turn into something big. Unfortunately the 1989-1992 OVAs stop abruptly just when things get spicy, but judging from the manga, [2] Yoshiki Takaya handles successfully many interesting and difficult concepts, like mankind’s violent nature.


A fanart of Guyver 1 I designed to express my fanboyism.

Guyver’s main strength is no other but the bio booster armor. Its design is simply awesome, like it was made out of our dreams -or nightmares-, it contains amazing powers and its name is simple and cool, so cool indeed I cannot stop repeating it. You can ask Foxy Lady Ayame how many times I have woken her up by yelling “Guyveeerrrr” and you will understand how much I like it.

Even since the beginning of the fall season, Guyver has gotten deep into my otaku life. Its soundtrack constantly comes up in my mp3 player, the story excites me and hopefully once I go forward with the manga -and watch the 2005 anime series- it’ll bring even more inspiration. I believe that everyone who likes seinen or science fiction really needs to take a good look on this classic masterpiece.


1. Also, even though I like naked women, it was so unnecessary to make her go naked in Aptom’s second attack. One of those “service to the male audience” moments I totally dislike.

2. I am currently reading through volume 7.


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