2013: 2nd day of Animanga


Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is yet another title I had never heard of until the end of 2012’s Christmas season, when Foxy Lady and a dear friend told me that it’s something that I’d surely love. Now, a year has passed and after watching 26 TV and 12 OVA episodes and reading through Diamond is Unbreakable, the manga’s fourth arc, I have to say I don’t just like Jojo; I love it.

It’s hard to describe why, mostly because Jojo is all about experiencing the story, meeting the characters and loving (or hating) all of it. It’s as childish as it is mature; it’s fabulous and at the same time more macho than the great majority of shonen and seinen you’ll find out there. A hero story that holds every last cliché of its genre, yet remains original.

What I love the most about the various versions of Jojo is Araki’s genius use of a character’s brains. Most of the battles don’t come to an end thanks to strength but thanks to forming a better strategy or finding an inventive and creative way to use their opponent’s weakness against him/er.


Last, but not least, I would also like to state that the existence of Joseph Joestar, the second Jojo, main protagonist of Battle Tendency and an important member of the case of Stardust Crusaders, is a reason to watch the show. He is smart, funny (and sexy) and very different from your casual “hero of the day”, a great contrast to his grandfather Jonathan, Joestar who had a perfectly pure mind and spirit and always fought righteloussly against Dio. Joseph is more like a gangster, the neighbourhood’s bad boy who deep inside is also a great, noble person, one that’ll go to all extremes to succeed his goal and defeat his opponents. He is truly awesome.

In short, if you call yourself an anime fan you must watch Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. You may hate it, but you may also discover paradise.


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