Mushishi Anthology is up!

Mushishi_cover_optIt may have taken awhile -ok, it was quite long- but the great news is that it’s finally here. You might have explored our site a bit, playing with the buttons, images and the menu, and you must have noticed that certain pages were ‘under construction’. One of them was the Fanfiction chapter, categorized under Index. It’ll include our top picks and they’ll be couple stories; a romantic note on our blog.

The first e-book is now in there ready for you to read/download. Mushishi has been a unique title therefore it’s no surprise it made it first ‘on the shelf’. Enjoy!

Edit: I’ve added a poll in the fanfiction section so that you let us know if there’s interest in other ebook formats.


8 thoughts on “Mushishi Anthology is up!

  1. I haven’t read the book itself, so I cannot comment on the content. I’m not a big fan of reading on a computer screen!

    What I can say, however, is that I really like the design. Especially the green colors work well. The text also looks great and not cramped, but instead “fluffy and light” which makes it easy to read. Good font and color (it doesn’t appear to be “default black” for me, at least). And the blue color used for chapters (and that blue circle) fits in well.

    The “Table of Content” on page 7 looks rather weird, though. It’s big and chunky, looking very off in comparison to the otherwise “light” design. And the real-life pictures, while I like them, are nothing more than “okay”. I think some sort of drawing or painting would’ve looked much prettier.

    And finally. Who is the woman on the cover?

    But overall, good job 😀


    • First of all, let me thank you for the positive feedback and say that I am happy you liked the book’s design.

      I must say I disagree about the ToC, which is my favorite part of the book.

      I understand what you are saying about the real life photographs. To be honest, I always (like 99%) enjoy using illustrations to communicate some message, but unfortunately that could not be the case here, for two reasons; 1. no timefor me to design them, 2. in case we were about to use someone else’s illusttations, we would have to ask permission, perhaps even pay for them. Unfortunately the first option required time and the second money -we have none of the two right now.

      The woman is Ginko’s partner, Tanyuu. She is a lovely, smart lady.

      Any ideas you wish to share and criticism you may have, always feel free to share, we are always happy to listen.


  2. Is this an epub? I’ll give it a read sometime soon.

    If you guys are continuing this, I would love some recommended yuri fanfictions from you guys as well^^


    • Uhm, it’s a pdf, but if there’s demand of other formats, Neko-kun could try creating them. I’ll put up a poll to see how things fare.

      And yes, we’re going to continue this. Yuri fanfics, much more well written ones, is a toughie :/ (I guess it’s the fact that most fanfictioners are straight females who are more interested in yaoi.) Do you have a particular fandom in mind? On top of my head I can recall a Miku x Luka that sadly is on hiatus, some SKU ones, and I promise I’ll research the YumiKuri fandom later.


      • Here’s vouching for epub^^” They are more comfortable to read for me than pdfs, specially on my phone or tablet.

        Hmm, some K-ON ones would be great. The K-ON fanfics I see usually feature an original male character as the protagonist, interacting with the heroines. Kinda not what I’m looking for ^^” Some Yui X Mio, Yui X Azunyan is great. Also some others I can think of for now:

        Nanoha X Fate (Nanoha)
        Kyubei X Otae (Gintama)
        Rin X Kud (Little Buster)
        Madoka X Lan (Rinne no Lagrange)

        Hmm, some of these might not be available in


        • Ok, don’t worry, we’ll look at it. It doesn’t seem to be very difficult, but since none of us two is high-tech we’ll have to ask you to be the first tryer. I’ll contact you through twitter when the file is ready.

          About the yuri fanfics I must admit that I have watched none of the series and since I can’t guarantee that I’ll watch them any time soon and I can’t decide thus if the characters are well-written or not, I can point you to Shoujo-Ai Archive and although unfortunately not always the case, fanfics with the most reviews, especially these that have over 100, are probably the better ones. If there’s a community about your couple, then you can choose Sort>Reviews and voila!


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