Receiving and sharing flowers: awards’ time


We receive appreciation from the most unexpected places, making us smile and feel like we really do a great job here. Since comments here are always so few – are you followers that shy? we don’t bite; we swear- we think that our love and hard work go unnoticed. Thus we felt really flattered when we saw that Erin from Gagging on Sexism awarded us the ‘Sunshine Award’, which is passed from one blogger to another as a sign that the receiver has an inspirational blog. 

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

1. Use the award logo in a post and/or on your blog.
2. Include a link back to whoever nominated you.
3. Offer 10 pieces of random information about you.
4. Nominate ten other bloggers who ‘positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.’ 
5. Let your nominees know about their much deserved award.

Since last year we wrote already plenty about ourselves by the chance of the ‘Versatility Award’ we’ll write now 5 facts each, thus 10 in total.


  1. Even though I try not to show it, I love my friends more than anything. None of the things I enjoy, be it manga, basketball, or anything else, would have meaning without them.
  2. Foxy Lady says my eyes appear to be blue at first, but the longer one looks at them they turn into a deep, warm green. Most people say they love my eyes. Even though I am not really fond of any part of my body, I have come to love my eyes because people seem to notice something good in them.
  3. I am a big, lazy cat who loves napping; despite that trait, I try my best to work as hard and be as creative as possible. Maybe I won’t turn into a superstar, but I still want to produce inspiring art.
  4. I love crazy stuff. Gimme a story that’s a combination of angelic female mecha with rocket boobs fighting robo dinosaurs whose leader is Satan who is in love with a human that he turned into a devil who can be resurrected as a devil lady and a guerrilla man with a heart shaped button that turns him into a hot nude robo chick who is fighting naked for justice against corrupt education, and I am a happy person.
  5. Cookies are my weak spot.

Foxy Lady Ayame:

  1. I wear glasses most of the time. The are more practictal than contact lenses, because the latter don’t let me see many details. Plus after some hours I feel my eyes annoyed. I only wear them when I go out for fun and some times when I want to appear more formal in class. When I was younger, I wanted badly to wear glasses, but now not anymore. It’s that I don’t want to try any lazer operation, don’t have the money about it and contact lenses aren’t the most convenient thing on earth when you go through tension.
  2. For similar reasons I avoid using much make up. It’s not that I don’t like to be pretty. It’s that mascara and eyeshadows appear to make my eyes sting. I have them for years, so it might be also why I have this problem, but I can’t go buying every semester a whole set of cosmetics; I don’t use them that often to finish their contents. And well there are times that I’m simply bored to spend 30 minutes on grooming myself.
  3. I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t like how the ink fades under the skin and I’m also a person who doesn’t like having the same theme for our blog after 3-4 months, much more something unerasable on my skin. I want to try henna and those sticker tattoos though. I couldn’t do much all those years under the severe surveillance of my parents. When I move on my own I’d like to get angel wings on my shoulders and/or tribal vines on the low of my back. I could as well try those self-made ‘fake’ tattoos for which there are tutorials on you tube.
  4. I am not sure how my wardrobe ends up filled with clothes that 80% can’t say I find fashionable, though things have improved over the last years. I think this has to do with the fact that I get clothes as presents lots of times and then I try to restrain buying anything that I don’t really need. And my family’s opinion on fashion has played a role, too. Nowadays, I buy and hide the most revealing clothes and lingerie I buy in a traveling bag. I like a feminine style without too many frills but I like an androgynous style a lot, too. I have a fedora and a waist-coat I can’t wait to find the chance to dress in again.
  5. If you were wondering, if people still blush, the answer is yes and I am one of those people who do. Perhaps not as bad as some classmates of mine I remember from language school, but still. When I get embarassed or when I am very excited talking about a romantic interest, my cheeks get pink. I am moe XD


Following the logic of not repeating things, the 10 blogs I’ll list below won’t include blogs I mentioned last year, without that meaning that they aren’t worthy blogs anymore. Some of those are posting rarely nowadays, too, or have stopped every activity. The following ones are updating often and almost half of them are pretty ‘young’. I’ll begin with the ‘editorialist’ blogs and go on with the review blogs.

  • Atelier Emily | for me in full bloom: sweet Emily writes in a refreshing and personal tone that makes the reader feel comfortable and easy to relate with. She is a sport and idol fan but you’ll find posts about various topics.
  • Pretense W/ Glasses: a relatively newbie in the blogosphere who recently joined Behind the Nihon Review, too. He writes sharply without becoming overbearing, writes well-structured texts which always leave strong impressions.
  • Bateszi Anime Blog: an oldie with three members that has a refined style. You will find reviews of underrated gems, classics and commentaries on modern works, too. Worth-checking out for the distinct taste.
  • John Sato: a dear supporter with whom I usually watch Ghibli works. He writes very interesting editorials and recently has started blogging episodically Mushishi- do check this post series out! You will also find anime and video games reviews.
  • Some Anime Blog: found the past few days on tumblr and it doesn’t seem to have lots of material yet, but the few commentaries it features are unique. She seems to focus on sexuality and mental health; topics we don’t often get to read about in anime blogs.
  • Manga Therapy: he runs his blog quite some time now on tumblr and he tries to combine animanga with psychology. The general concept behind the blog is to find ways to get healed through the lovely universes these mediums offer.
  • Isn’t It Electrifying?: an amazing blogging trio who often blog like that and not seperately. You can expect to read great episodic analysis of miscellaneous anime series. I met them through their suberb Shinsekai Yori posts.
  • Otaku Champloo: a manga only blog run by Khursten Santos, a fujoshi, food and history fan. Her Spotlight column shows her love for the medium and her studiousness when it comes to presenting a mangaka.
  • My kitten gives me superpowers: based on tumblr, adventurescomicbookgirl is an avid mahou shoujo fan and a passionate feminist. Search her out for her reviews of feminist anime. She compiles a marvelous list.
  • MDZAnime: another -relatively- newbie team blog. Reviews for Shingeki no Kyoujin are written comparatively with the manga, spoilerfree. They are also blogging the Monogatari series. Very neat work.

4 thoughts on “Receiving and sharing flowers: awards’ time

    • Yup, yup I’m moe! (Who could have thought some years ago that not only I would embrace moe anime, but I’d also describe myself so, lolz) Not silly, klutz moe, just (megane) cute embarassed moe 😛

      I agree that one doesn’t need make up to be pretty. My Neko-kun will say he likes me either way. But in my case, it does help me highlight my feminity. I remember that when I was in Germany back in 2010 I went out with people from the language institute and I wore make up, no glasses, and my waistcoat and fedora and some people couldn’t recognize me; I left them speechless ha! 😉


  1. You know, I saw this when it was first posted and had every intention of making a proper post, and I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So, for fear of that continuing, I just wanted to say thanks! I’m flattered to have made the cut!


    • Nuh, you deserve it. You write some great editorials and there aren’t many that have explored Mushishi so analytically 🙂 I’m looking forward to the continuation of the series, when school stuff leave you time to breathe.


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