The wish that one cannot fulfill on one’s own- a Wish review

from left to right: Suichirou, Kohaku, Suichirou's incarnation, Kouryuu, Hari & Ruri (the cats), Hisui and Kokuyo

from left to right: Suichirou, Kohaku, Shuishirou, Kouryuu, Hari & Ruri (the cats), Hisui and Kokuyo

One moonlit night Shuichiro saved an angel stuck in a tree. The angel granted him a wish to repay his generosity. Shuichiro said, “I need no wish, I can get what I want on my own.” But they’d both soon learn that some wishes can’t be fulfilled alone.


The new edition’s covers with revised artwork by Nekoi.

Wish is not drawn by Mokona as the majority of CLAMP’s work and it’s quite evident by the more minimalistic artwork with the minimum shadows. It just needs time to get used to it; otherwise it has its own beauty. It’s pretty in a fragile way and plenty cute for those with a sweet tooth for chibis – the young angels have a super-deformed form during the night and the demons during the day. Legal Drug is also drawn by Nekoi but these two works have a totally different feeling, so when at the end of the Artbook Memorial Nekoi drew a special with a more Legal Drug-like artwork, it felt weird and ugly at some points. She doesn’t seem to have a very consistent style and it’s a bit problematic.

The covers of Wish changed a few years ago for the re-print, and since the aesthetics of a series include the cover design, I am not very excited about it. They did keep the same chromatic background motif and even the same kind of flower, but the characters appear like they had plastic surgeries. Only Kohaku is still cute, with less of tareme eyes. The covers are more colorful now, yet that doesn’t make them necessarily better. The older ones featured a mostly black and white Kohaku with the only things colored being the flower and some garment flourishes. This was not only more uniform – a desireable trait for a good-designed work- but also more appropriate because it gave off an ethereal air and underlined the importance of the flowers.

"The original story was a lot more mature in content, so we changed the main character to Kohaku to make it cuter."

“The original story was a lot more mature in content, so we changed the main character to Kohaku to make it cuter.”

CLAMP mixed Western and Eastern mythologies in this world, as angels, demons and spirits co-exist in Wish, they wear eastern-fashioned clothes, archangels carry out elemental and other magical summons, and reincarnation is legitimate. Trees, flowers and animals can communicate with the angels, forbidden romances bloom all over the place, thus making the story essentially a fairy tale.

The tone is kept generally light through the jokes, teasing and cute romance. There’s innocence floating around; nonetheless eroticism and sexy playfulness may occasionally sneak in, related to the demons’ affairs. Not everything is happy-go-lucky, but the sadness isn’t overwhelming – yet because you get a very fluffy feeling as a whole, when something unpleasant is disclossed or when bad news come for the protagonists, you are honestly moved.

Hari and Ruri, Kouryuu's servants in their human form

Hari and Ruri, Kouryuu’s servants in their human form

Of course the characters‘ behavior contributes greatly to the tone. And there is none dislikeable even among the side characters. Kohaku is a sweet klutz who is clueless about the human world and a very sensitive heart; Shuichirou is a stoic yet caring man; Kouryuu is mostly a mean little teaser who can show sympathy though when it counts the most; Hisui is charming, daring, playful with zir lover and protective over Kohaku; Kokuyo although being the Satan’s son and a famed playboy he is very serious, passionate and respectful towards Hisui, and worries about Kohaku and Shuichirou. We even have a tsundere archangel, Touki, who denies being in love with Ransho, another archangel.

All in all, Wish is a sugar rush story with a bit of humor and some sexy little scenes and talking. It’s a short pleasant read -only 4 volumes long- for both the younger and the older. It’s not a 10/10 work, but it’s still worth a try and I’m sure you won’t feel disappointed.

tumblr_inline_moiwg3TemI1qz4rgp Two music videos have been produced, probably meant to be an opening and ending to a series that never got fully animated. CLAMP found though the chance to show Kohaku and Shuichirou as well as some glimpses of the other angels and demons in the anime adaptation of Kobato. Which was nice but I would still love a 12-episode series. It would be even lovelier, if they made a spin-off based on the more mature story they initially had in their minds.

1. I want badly to know how do Hisui and Kokuyo have sex. Demons must have ordinary sex organs, since we see Hari and Ruri having breasts, but angels are said to be genderless, so I’m curious about the process… Whoever goes to a CLAMP panel next time, please ask for me.
2. Kohaku is a honeypie, but Hisui I simply adore. So graceful, audacious and subtly sexy. When Hisui x Kokuyo are on a page, I fangasm. Also, Touki x Ransho, even if they made a brief appearance, are so precious as a pairing in my heart.
3. Kohaku has made a crossover in Kobato. and in Drug & Drop. Needless to say I like zir the most in Kobato. Mokona-sensei’s touch is magical ❤ In Drug & Drop it is hinted that Kakei is Hisui and Saiga is Kokuyo, and although I would love to see more of these two, and they do share a similar erotic chemistry, Kakei doen’t give me the same vibe Hisui does :/

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2 thoughts on “The wish that one cannot fulfill on one’s own- a Wish review

  1. I completely agree about Kakei not giving off the same vibe as Hisui does. I love Hisui/Kokuyo and Kakei/Saiga equally, but I’m slightly put off by the differences between them in the different series x.x


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