Asian Artists: Fluff & Stars

clockwise: Akira Ebihara, Aya Kishimoto, Yoshiko Miyamoto and UYU/Soey Milk

clockwise: Akira Ebihara, Aya Kishimoto, Yoshiko Miyamoto and UYU/Soey Milk

When feeling down, look for some fluffy art that might change your mood. Some sparkles in the hair or here and there makes it all the better! Here is another installment of Asian Artists post series that introduces you to the world of Asian illustrators. 

Instruction: Click on the image to be directed to a tumblr photoset and click on the caption to access the artist’s page.

UYU’s other name is Soey Milk and both are a 23-year-old woman, who instead of becoming a ballerina after immigrating to the USA ended up a promising modern artist. Under these two names she goes for totally different styles in her works. Phantoms, which places herself naked in the center surrounded by three gorgeous starry-haired girls, is her only painting so far that combines the separate worlds she has created. The other linking point between her alter egos are the erotic innuendos: Milk is referencing to something I don’t think I need to explain, and UYU is not exactly a word rather than a picture of parts of the female anatomy…

Soey Milk draws highly realistic paintings, usually using oil, or draws with pencil in her moleskins. She favors ladies in lingeries holding strings or apples and looking smug or lost in desire, and it’s not rare to see her explore BDSM themes. She has even played with matryoshka, where the women depicted are a bit less realistic.

UYU does on the other hand “drawings, paintings and sculptures of deliciously sweet, erotic and lovable starry-haired girls”. Her style is blither here and her cute plump girls explore their sexuality in a white dream world whose only other inhabitants are the asteriskats and some jewel-plants. Recently, her themes are more varied with girls dressed like Native Americans, girls with striped and heart-filled hair, and one that is lightly tight along with some gang-balled asteriskats. Her watercolor fantasies are always exquisite though.


“Combining analog and digital techniques, she draws illustrations of cute adult women with a sense of transparency.” Yoshiko Miyamoto’s illustrations are distinctive due to their soft colors and their faux-pastel texture. Dazzling eyes and plump lips seduce the gaze of the spectator. It’s also worth-noting how the lines change thickness making the forms suaver. The glitter sprinkled on hair, eyelids and lips are very charming traits of her Fall in Love series of works, where Miyamoto tries to highlight the beauty coming from ‘inside’ while women are emerged in the sweet emotion and urges us to imagine the stories behind each portrait.

She graduated from Kyoto Saga Art Junior College and the Palette School. She worked for DTP & WEB company for a while and in 2005 she started her freelancing career in Tokyo, drawing mostly for advertising purposes. Her illustrations for that include children and men as well. Another interesting project of hers is the creation of a major arcana tarot deck.


Like Miyamoto, Aya Kishimoto is a Japanese illustrator. Her girls have long starry hair, big bold defined eyes, big lips and they love particularly corsets, high heels and jewels. Apart from the pronounced facial features everything else is drawn as delicate. There’s a misty magic atmosphere surrounding her subjects which is a result of the use of watercolor and lace and dangling pearls motif. Other times her illustrations are reproducing more retro aesthetics with striped backgrounds and ornate golden frames. Kishimoto pursues to create an idealized cabaret air and she achieves it. It’s no coincidence that her first solo upcoming exhibition is named ‘Cabaret’.

After finishing high school she worked for a production company of mobile phone contents, and then went on working as a freelance illustrator. Kishimoto draws illustrations for a signboard of a nail salon, mobile phone contents, and other advertising media.


Akira Ebihara likes things less sparkly but not any less fluffy and playful. She uses flat watercolor effect and ‘fragile’ ink-like lineart which combined with the almost round eyes and slightly smiling full lips make her girls very cute. Pink, yellow and light blue are the colors one finds the most in her illustrations and give a happy tune to them. Some of her works are very fashion-driven, others have all kinds of small trinkets and other objects, and others are more simple, monochromatic or with some sort of a pattern in the background.

After planning and designing for gifts, she became a freelance illustrator in 2004. Now she draws illustrations mainly for magazine covers, women’s magazines, books, and commercial media targeting young women from teenagers to those in their 30s, including packages and posters of P&G and Japanese major companies. Her illustrations have been highlighted in domestic and foreign design and art magazines. She started overseas activities in 2010.

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