Artistic worries and other stories


Being an artist is not all that easy…

*The following post is full of artistic rant and nudity. You have been warned.*

I have been a fan of visual art, especially comics and illustration, for most of my life. Thankfully, this love led me to becoming a (book) designer and so for the past few years I can do what I have fun doing. That being said, I am now in the stage of my life where all that is changing.

Even though I enjoyed illustrations more than anything, I could not go pro with it due to lack of funding, which usually means lack of enough resources to buy some proper equipment (that I believe is essential if you’re going to convince people to pay you for doing professional work that fits tight deadlines). That is until last month, where I finally reached a point to have saved enough money to buy what I needed: a strong pc, a good big screen and -my favorite- Wacom Bamboo tablet. Now, the journey has started.

I had never tried to create fanarts but, because I believe they are great material for practicing one’s skills and creativity, I decided to start working on such projects. I could start with no one else but my favorite mangaka, Go Nagai, and his wonderful work. But I went on to try other stuff too like Yume Nikki or the currently popular Aku no Hana.

The works you see are presented in chronoligal order, oldest to most recent.

Kekko Kamen


Devil Lady


Yume Nikki

yume nikki

Abashiri Ikka

abashiri ikka

Aku no Hana


The joy of making these illustrations cannot be put into words. Yet, I feel and I know that I must go forward. That is something that cannot be forgotten, because everyday I see the works of talented people, many of them much younger than me. When one sees such amazing stuff done by professionals and students alike, then one knows that 24 is not too early to start working more on what you love.

Thank you for handling my ranting and I hope you like these fanarts. Wait for more to come.


11 thoughts on “Artistic worries and other stories

  1. Being able to turn your passion into a money-making occupation is always a good thing. Same goes for a drive to improve. I also approve of your what if illustration of what Jun and Kazumi would be up to if it weren’t for…you know.

    Hmm, the Spring anime season seems to have generated plenty of noteworthy shows. There’s something for everyone…even artists.


  2. Welcome to the digital art journey! I’ve drawn and painted since I could hold a pencil. It is a great hobby to have…Although it can sometimes be frustrating too! I now use a Microsoft Surface for my drawing, but Wacom tablets are excellent. Art is a fairly expensive hobby even if you go the traditional route.

    Keep drawing! I look forward to watching you progress.


    • Thank you Chris! To be honest the reason why I am “whining” like this is because I do not see the whole thing as a hobby, but my professional goal. So it is tough for me, but I try to do the best I can.

      As for art being expensive, don’t get me started 😛


      • It is easy to burn out and grow frustrated. At least it was for me! It is easy to pressure oneself too much. If I can do anything to help you improve (critiques etc), let me know! I have a degree in graphic design and computer animation. But I decided to relegate art to a hobby and become a librarian after burning myself out.


        • I’d always love to hear you opinion on my works, truth is that I constantly seek feedback but somehow I haven’t been able to get enough of it yet.

          I understand what yuo say about feeling burning out. I think if I was working i.e. in an advertising house, not having the time to do some of the things I personally love and care about the people I love, I’d be this way too.


          • If you prefer, I can offer feedback privately so you can wow people with your progress : ). My blog’s email address is fine to send your works in progress: webmaster at

            I can say, you are bold with color. You already use nicely saturated tones. Although you avoid deep shadows on skin. Skin shadows tend to be bluish, violet, or have a green cast depending on where they are on the body and the color of the lighting.

            I used to spend 10-12 hours a day working on animation and design projects. It burned me out quickly lol.


            • Thank you for your advice and expect many e-mails from now on (that’s a warning :P).

              As for the working schedule, all I can say is that I am feeling you.


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