Tease Collection: Utena x Anthy fanmix


Some years ago, when I was still pumped into experimenting with photoshop and brushes,  I decided to create a fan mix that would also be a present to Neko-kun and which we could use in different… interesting ways. That’s how Tease Collection came to life. It has two parts: the Utena part which is more energetic, and the Anthy part which is more sleazy. I tried to build the whole ost on this antithesis that those two are in terms of characters, as well as on their dynamics as a couple. Enjoy! 

This is the booklet I tried to create. Be lenient on how you judge it, since I’m no graphic designer. Also, I need to say that the pictures were taken from Empty Movement and the brushes used were mostly from obsidiandawn and deviantart.


2 thoughts on “Tease Collection: Utena x Anthy fanmix

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