Makenai!: energy punch anime music

Vocaloid.600.1404670 by Nitro Kyosuke

You are tired of being hurt, life doesn’t seem enjoyable, luck is not a friend of yours and generally you see everything in black. But you want to stand up again and smile and make it happen- whatever it is that you want. You need to. You owe it to yourself. At times like these, music will lend you a helping hand.

These are the songs I listen to, when I need to be recharge myself with determination. What other music pieces would you add here?



12 thoughts on “Makenai!: energy punch anime music

  1. Oh? Did you recently add Wings of Freedom? Iirc, it wasn’t until the second half of AoT when they used it as OP, and that was around June? And this post was published in March, so…

    Following Kitsune’s example, my favorites from the list are
    – Missing Link
    – Don’t Lose Your Way (this kind of Sawano music, any day)

    Now what would I add here?
    Sawano’s Bios is really a personal fav of mine. That powerful voice by Mika Kobayashi and that powerful play of instruments. The song’s just perfect. I want to scream at the top of my lungs whenever I listen to it. It’s a great stress reliever, in a way. And if it wasn’t obvious enough, it’s the inspiration to my new blog name.

    And when I just want to shout at the world, nano’s HYSTERY is there to save me:


  2. Aha! Found it! 😀

    These are my favorites from this list 🙂

    – Memories and Melodies OPs (also on my list!)
    – Tears Infection
    – Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to

    I especially like the last song 🙂 It is likely that I’ll add it to my list of about 200 songs 🙂


  3. Songs that rekindle determination, let’s see. . .
    Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and Departure off the Kenshin OST have worked on a consistent basis over the years.
    Limiting myself to only one from either artist, both Kokia’s “Hountou no Oto” and Boris’ Aileron have been favorite choices as of late (though I doubt you’d much enjoy the latter – it’s a weird choice, I admit).
    Returning to anime songs, the PV song for K (don’t know the name), Supercell’s LOVE & ROLL, Brand New Reason (FLEET), Kiseki no Umi (Maaya Sakamoto), The Beautiful World (Ai Maeda), and At the End of a Melting Dream (Yayoi Goto) have all been useful in this context at one time or another.

    Excluding a number of game songs and soundtracks, I think that’s what I choose.
    Haven’t heard a lot of the ones on your list, I’ll need to take a concentrated listen sometime.


    • Departure is quite a strong one. Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu is jazzy and happy, but here I kinda gathered more rock songs. Kokia is always Kokiawesome and the lyrics are very appropriate, too, but not too upbeat. I actually feel a bit of sadness when I listen to the songs you proposed, but that’s tastes. Kiseki is fantasic, how have I forgotten it? I see, if I can fit it in here somehow.

      P.S.: about which K PV to do talk about? There are 4 out there


      • Hmmm? Oh, I’m a fool. Between the (many, many) OSTs there are something like 2-4 different versions of a lot of the songs. The Hiten song I was talking about is about 4 minutes, primarily a piano piece?

        That does actually sound about right. Somber songs tend to be the ones that make me pick myself up.

        P.S. You’re right, my bad. According to the video I found, it’s the “Normal” PV? About 3:20 long, no talking.

        P.P.S. My apologies for the late response, its been an abhorrently busy week.


  4. I enjoy Rie Fu ‘s “life is like a boat.” Samurai Champloo ‘s “You “and “Song of Seasons” are also favorites. Although it isn’t anime related, I cannot get enough of Nobou Uematsu ‘s “Dancing Mad.” The symphonic version is a psychotic mix of pipe organ and electric guitar topped with chanting in Latin.

    None of these tunes are uplifting. For that I like to listen be Aqua Timez and Home Made Kazuko when in the mood for Japanese tunes.


    • I didn’t know ‘life is like a boat’, but it’s really nice. I love Samurai champloo’s OST in general. As for the rest, I searched them a bit, but I didn’t find them addictive. Perhaps Neko-kun who likes FF music and psychotic mixes.

      I’ll may post soon playlists of other types of music as well, more relaxing ones included. Thanks for commenting! *waves tail*


      • ‘Life is like a boat’ is one of my earliest Japanese music songs, being the first ending theme to my re-entry anime, BLEACH. It’s a poignant piece and I like singing along to it, closing my eyes and just feeling it.


    • I’m glad to see another fellow enjoying Aqua Timez music! It’s not that easy to run into one. >.< I've been listening to them ever since I accidentally discovered their "No rain, no rainbow" when I originally meant to look for Home Made Kazoku's song of the same title. They put out really empowering songs with beautiful melodies.


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