Nya & Ken Ken: favorite anime cats & foxes


Foxy Lady Ayame and Neko-kun by Megi Ka, a dear friend of ours

Since our URL and our nicknames suggest our love for cats and foxes, it’s kinda weird that up till now we haven’t made any specific reference (other than the Spice & Wolf series). One reason we avoided making such a thing up till now is that a favorite list can change as you consume more art. But since some loves never die and will always have a special place in our hearts, we decided to try it out.

In this top-3 list, there’ll be only talking animals and not human characters with animal ears and tail. They will be, hopefully, part of another post which will discuss kemonomimi.



Is there a cat that thinks it’s human? A cat who does not know what trust means? Yes, and her name is Chi; an adorable little fellow who got separated from her mother when she was still young, she is unpredictable and unbelievably cute, no matter whether she is happy, hungry or mad. She is very affectionate with the human family who takes care of her and makes us wish we could be their neighbors.

Gatomon, known also as Tailmon, is Hikari’s companion in Digimon Adventure. At first she was at the enemy’s side only later to be charmed from Hikari’s sincerity and good heart and recognize the link between them. Beyond the cute factor with her expressive big blue eyes, Gatomon is clever, sneaky at times, playful, both a tough opponent and a sensitive soul.

Nico is the less known of the company. He is in fact a fairy and follows Lydia from Earl and Fairy around. He has lots of attitude and considers himself part of nobility. He can be spotted reading newspaper or drinking whisky as a human. He hates being treated as a pet and therefore when he has the chance he gets himself all dressed up. He’s kinda the tsundere, but he always looks out for Lydia.


foxesRenamon is Rika’s powerful partner in Digimon Tamers. She has a noble and intimidating stature which is in the start enhanced from her cynic views of how things work between humans and digimons. She’s quite cold and distant much like her partner. Her relationship with Rika steadily warms up, trust is developed, and both of them are some kick-ass ladies that excude confidence and determination. They’re cute in how they try to simultaneously express and hide their feelings.

Another adorable fox with a very small role is Little Fox. He is so cute that at first I thought he was a girl. He is care free and lives his everyday to the fullest, but he is still a bit weak and cannot fight back when bullied. He loves Natsume for protecting him and a bond of friendship is developed between them.

Despite having a very small role, Chibi Kitsune is memorable for his cuteness and his big heart that contrasts his small body. He and Watanuki care for each other, have helped each other in need, and have enchanged presents from their hearts. The happiness which is obvious on his little mug, when Watanuki visits their ramen stand, and his smile is priceless.


Last, but not least, we could never forget the one person who stands in between the species, the one and only Nyanko-sensei, also known as Madara. He likes eating, drinking and sleeping a lot; his amazing tummy is soft and round, which makes him look like a soccer ball (Foxy Lady Ayame always likes telling Neko-kun how alike he is with Nyanko when it comes to such things). In the form of Madara, he can be really badass but he is never mean, because of his sense of justice and kind soul.


Notes: Neko-kun wrote about  Chi, Little Fox and Nyanko-sensei. The rest were written by Foxy Lady Ayame. Little Fox does have a human appearance, but we do see him as fox and generally that’s how normal people see him, so that’s why he was included.


16 thoughts on “Nya & Ken Ken: favorite anime cats & foxes

  1. Genuine animals instead of humans with animal ears and tails, not sure if I actually know much of them but Nyanko-sensei is awesome indeed xD In my limited knowledge of anime cats, I would had put one of Aria’s cat somewhere inside too, but that’s just me.


    • When I tried to watch Aria’s first ep, I got a bit bored, so I couldn’t include here something I haven’t really watched. Perhaps one day I’ll retry? Still I find that cat a tad weird.
      You can bet it was tough to think of genuine animals in anime, much more in the categories we love (cats are easier though to find).


  2. Ah, I like Renamon and Chibi Kitsune. Chibi Kitsune is so adorable when he’s smiling and blushing. Renamon and Ruki = kickass. I like How Digimon Tamers defying typical archetypes female lead. Unlike previous Digimon girls, they’re the most experienced and cold. In fact, she’s my first fav Digimon at Tamers.


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