Our Travelog, Just a Little Taste of Journey Volume 1 is up!

JALTOJ_cover3Finally, after a long wait and a small delay, our ‘baby’ is here! Neko-kun has worked hard on making our first self-published book a reality, along with our friends’ support in editing. The outcome is very pleasing, if we are allowed to boast a little bit about it. It’s our love and fan labor of the last 2-3 years cherry-picked and beautifully repackaged.

It is designed as an introduction to our blog, but it will also find its use as a portfolio of both of us. And above all its a memento of our first steps in life as couple who enjoys almost the same hobbies and of our presence in the animanga-blogosphere. Be sure to take a look whether you are a new or older reader of the beautiful world. There are some things that aren’t in any of our posts here and which you’ll find only in this book. We hope you like it a lot! Perhaps you are even interested in obtaining a physical copy! For more details click on the image that redirects in our Travelog section.

And we wish to make one more announcement, an idea that was born just a few hours ago: we want to venture on the podcast/vlog world, too. It would be nice not only to try something new, but also bring different people together, discuss and present miscellaneous topics. And which topic wouldn’t be more appropriate for starters than fandoms itself? Please complete our survey here. This way we’ll collect some interesting material to talk about. Thanks in advance for your time!


Kashira, kashira, gozonji kashira? Spread the news! What are you waiting for!

Update: Our book is also published! You can order it and you’ll only have to pay your shipping costs. Donations are accepted, since it did cost us to print it; you can donate through paypal to the ayame.purpleiris75@gmail.com adress.




6 thoughts on “Our Travelog, Just a Little Taste of Journey Volume 1 is up!

  1. Time to think up a nickname for the power couple of the aniblogosphere…because it’s what I do doods. I’ll see what I can come up with eventually. For now, good to know your adventures in both the aniblogosphere and real life has been quite fruitful so far. I wish you both happier memories in the years to come.


  2. I always wanted to the podcast gig myself, but I could never get it off the ground or found any long term support for it. I will be filling out the survey and hope it helps you out :3


  3. Oh, nice! I thought these great articles would be lost forever.
    *downloading and archiving*

    Podcasts and vlogs would be an interesting change of medium. I’m impatient to see what you’ll do with those! I’ll try to answer the survey as best as I can for you, even though I don’t have that much to say about fandoms. But lack of experience is still an experience, right?


    • They are just samples, but they are what we thought the best and more representative. I’m glad you are so enthousiastic about it!

      You will have to wait some months first, since I have to collect my survey data as well. But the procedure may start slowly from now. I plan it to be a 3-part series and probably later we’ll touch more such themes, always on the ‘meta’ side. I cross my fingers that things will go well. Your help is very much appreciated, don’t worry 🙂


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