Makenai!: energy punch anime music

Vocaloid.600.1404670 by Nitro Kyosuke

You are tired of being hurt, life doesn’t seem enjoyable, luck is not a friend of yours and generally you see everything in black. But you want to stand up again and smile and make it happen- whatever it is that you want. You need to. You owe it to yourself. At times like these, music will lend you a helping hand.

These are the songs I listen to, when I need to be recharge myself with determination. What other music pieces would you add here?



Time Machine Made of Ink: A Historical Perspective on Osamu Tezuka’s MW



The good old times“. This well-known sentence is used by everyday folk and public figures to inspire nostalgia and dedication to tradition; in our era of economic instability such is the thinking that rules public debate. In Greece, our prime minister talks about how we should go back to traditional Greece, to the *glorious* way we were before the crisis. Most of the other parties follow the same doctrine with little change of language. (1) But was there ever such a bright and shinny “good old” time?

To study this subject I picked up an era relatively close to ours, the mid-20th century. I decided to take Osamu Tezuka‘s MW as reference point to the historical conflicts of the post-WWII era.

*This article contains spoilers to MW‘s story. For those of you who have not read the book, we strongly recommend that you do so* Continue reading

Nya & Ken Ken: favorite anime cats & foxes


Foxy Lady Ayame and Neko-kun by Megi Ka, a dear friend of ours

Since our URL and our nicknames suggest our love for cats and foxes, it’s kinda weird that up till now we haven’t made any specific reference (other than the Spice & Wolf series). One reason we avoided making such a thing up till now is that a favorite list can change as you consume more art. But since some loves never die and will always have a special place in our hearts, we decided to try it out.

In this top-3 list, there’ll be only talking animals and not human characters with animal ears and tail. They will be, hopefully, part of another post which will discuss kemonomimi. Continue reading

Our Travelog, Just a Little Taste of Journey Volume 1 is up!


JALTOJ_cover3Finally, after a long wait and a small delay, our ‘baby’ is here! Neko-kun has worked hard on making our first self-published book a reality, along with our friends’ support in editing. The outcome is very pleasing, if we are allowed to boast a little bit about it. It’s our love and fan labor of the last 2-3 years cherry-picked and beautifully repackaged.

It is designed as an introduction to our blog, but it will also find its use as a portfolio of both of us. And above all its a memento of our first steps in life as couple who enjoys almost the same hobbies and of our presence in the animanga-blogosphere. Be sure to take a look whether you are a new or older reader of the beautiful world. There are some things that aren’t in any of our posts here and which you’ll find only in this book. We hope you like it a lot! Perhaps you are even interested in obtaining a physical copy! For more details click on the image that redirects in our Travelog section.

And we wish to make one more announcement, an idea that was born just a few hours ago: we want to venture on the podcast/vlog world, too. It would be nice not only to try something new, but also bring different people together, discuss and present miscellaneous topics. And which topic wouldn’t be more appropriate for starters than fandoms itself? Please complete our survey here. This way we’ll collect some interesting material to talk about. Thanks in advance for your time!


Kashira, kashira, gozonji kashira? Spread the news! What are you waiting for!

Update: Our book is also published! You can order it and you’ll only have to pay your shipping costs. Donations are accepted, since it did cost us to print it; you can donate through paypal to the adress.



A Naughty Journey- a Smut Peddler review

smut peddler8th March: Women’s Day. This comic wouldn’t have been created and wouldn’t be easily available today, if it weren’t for the women who fought before us for our rights as human beings – the right to our body and our pleasure without being considered crazy, among others. I take this chance to introduce you to one of my favorite books, full of “impeccable pornoglyphics for cultivated ladies (and men of exceptional taste!)”.

Smut Peddler is  undoubtedly an exceptional anthology, filled with sensual short stories with a great variety: you can find both romantic and kinky sex; women and men of different orientations, gender identities, races and sizes; solo playing, couples and up to two; occasionally sprinkled with a bit of fantasy or sci-fi, all splendidly drawn in miscellaneous art styles. Some stories have a more comedic tone, some others a more serious one, but all of them are profusely delicious. Naturally this post contains NSFW material.  Continue reading

6 episodic anime series you must try out!

Left to right: Master Keaton (1998-9), Human Crossing (2003), Hataraki Man (2004), Gallery Fake (2005), Bartender (2006), Ristorante Paradiso (2009)

Left to right: Master Keaton (1998-9), Human Crossing (2003), Hataraki Man (2004), Gallery Fake (2005), Bartender (2006), Ristorante Paradiso (2009)

You come back from work tired and you want to relax. Perhaps an anime series that takes it slowly, has a nice soundtrack, interesting main character but which you can ‘drop’ and pick up again whenever you want. ARIA and the latest moe slice-of-life anime boom (K-On, Natsuiro Kiseki, Tamayura, Hidamari Sketch) has popularized episodic series and catter to these specific needs. Along with the more obscure Mushishi and Kino’s Journeys (which are masterpieces and if you haven’t watched them yet, go do it right now), these 6 series above are a fine way of enjoying yourself in small bits! Especially if you search for adults in your anime.  Continue reading

Left Unsaid: 4. First Time(s)


It’s either overestimated or underestimated, isn’t it? The infamous first time. Why plural in the title? What is your guess?

In this post, I’ll share my experience, but I won’t refer to specific names as to protect my privacy and the privacy of my partner(s). I’m willing to talk about it because I find it important for young girls/women to protect and enjoy themselves while not feeling alone in their heart troubles. I can relay only my story, which concerns heterosexual sex, but I’ll mention briefly some basic sex ed stuff for same sex couples. Boys/Men are welcome to take a peek as to see sex from a different perspective and act accordingly towards their loved ones.    Continue reading