Love & Melodies

Love is a feeling we all wish to celebrate for reasons that mere words cannot describe. Love is like a set of wonderful melodies; it gives joy and meaning to one’s life but in order to understand it one must first learn three things: to feel, to express and to trust. Voiceful, a shoujo-ai written by nawoko, is a good example of the relationship between love and music.


Kanae is an introvert student, almost a full fledge hikikomori since she rarely ever finds the courage to even go to school. When, in one of the rare occasions Kanae is outside, she meets her pop idol Hina, she immediately falls for her. The feelings of attraction are mutual and the two young women start dating. It is then that they first notice that their past troubles hold them back from life beyond their limited environment and they start wondering what they seek in this relationship. This leads to a dead end and for sometime they avoid each other, not sure of what to do. For Hina to use her voice as a means of expression was natural, but so far it had only been a sanctuary to protect her from the rest of the world and her family’s tragic past.

She finds herself incapable to sing when she is in front of others because she cannot trust them to understand something so important as her feelings in the form of her voice But when Kanae shows up and encourages her, things are different; Hina amazes people with her voice and she is rewarded with Kanae’s confession that she likes her.


The procedure to finding love is very similar to the procedure Hina went through. Everyone holds feelings inside his/her heart in pretty much the same way there are melodies playing in the mind of every person, but as long as one does not have anyone to share them with, they remain empty objects. When one does find that special person, it takes a lot of self control and improvement to find the courage to shape feelings into the proper melodies. Still, in the end, one needs to see that his/her voice reaches to that heart of that special someone in order to go on and admit his/her feelings.


Judging from my experience, I see a lot of myself and Foxy Lady Ayame in Voiceful. Love was there inside us and when we met each other, we found our special person to share it with. This feeling, I like to express through images, while Foxy Lady prefers using her soft voice. In order to keep sharing these feelings we constantly try to encourage one another. This is the only way that our creative flow won’t stop. It is all a part of this wonderful song called love and we hope you all enjoy it everyday.


Voiceful is one of Seven Seas Entertainment’s series Strawberry that includes shoujo-ai and yuri titles like Tetragrammaton Labyrinth, Kashimashi, Strawberry Panic, Girlfriends, First Love Sisters and The Last Uniform. Even though I do not consider it a masterpiece, it is a very sweet collection of sweet shoujo-ai short stories that will surely please the genre’s fans.


2 thoughts on “Love & Melodies

  1. I so want to find a way to pick up Voiceful without using…legal measures. Tch, debit card it is, I suppose.

    Yuri is in a league of its own, Don Gato. Even the weakest entries in its ever growing collection of stories can be quite the literary treat.

    “Notices one of the images with a type”, I see online manga stores are as vigilant of typos as ever. Oh, so much dedication to releasing stories with as few grammatical errors as possible. Meh, since when have I ever cared about grammatical errors while reading comics?

    the sweet sound of music can bring many together to to enjoy its melodious wonders and express emotions they would not dare outside of song.

    Anyway, a yuri manga with a musical theme. Heck, Voiceful is as much of a giveaway of a title as umm…The Terror. Good review Don Gato.


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