Let’s toast!


Please take care of us this year, too!

Turning a new page here! The witch Kuranosuke has waved his magic wand and transformed the landscape. The unchangeable AMARS have brought a change with them and this new site is now much more otaku than before!

31.1.2010 was the first day we began talking and writing about our ‘travels’ in THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Three years later, we’ve been to even more fantastic places, we’ve tasted new joys, and we’ve grown up a lot. 

Just the last year we achieved quite a few things:

  • We contributed to the Guilty Crown parody songs draggle enorchestrated
  • we were hosted twice by Yi at listless ink
  • and twice by animediet. net
  • We participated in the CLAMP MMF
  • and managed to co-write a post with starsamaria from Shojo Corner

But it’s important to remember your roots and give credit to the people who inspired you. We wouldn’t be here today without:

  • Wabisabi at Iwa ni Hana, a blog which unfortunately is no more. Her analysis of Chinese words and notions as well as her illustration posts awakened and further cultivated a deep love for art in me.
  • Kitsune at Kitsune’s Thoughts, who must have been a very patient and kind person, since, now that I look back, my first nickname must have given him headache (though I assure you, I didn’t have any trolling intention). I liked his relaxed blogging style and I thought it suited our needs at the time.
  • Snippet Tee at Lemmas and Submodalities and Yi Hsieh at Listless Ink, who are major inspirations. Their elegant and eloquent posts drove us forward and we decided we wanted to try to become like them even just a bit.
  • 2DT at 2DTeleidoscope. I hadn’t encountered before anyone like him who could write so playfully and gracefully about H-material and not only. Definitely a model in the aniblogosphere.
  • gaguri at Ha Neul Seom. He digged up old gems and broke down anime titles both visually and philosophically. His site is also beautifully organized.
  • the bloggers I keep up with through Google Reader. You can take a look at the blogroll and the compass on my field to get a better idea.
  • the rest of my aniblog friends and co-watchers. Among them the sweet marinasauce of Anime B & B, sabishiimiruku of KANPAI, John Sato with a homonym blog, and Justin of Organization Antisocial Geniuses.
  • you, our readers of course, who embrace us and encourage us.

We’d like to ask for two favors; please make sure you change any link you might have that links back to blogspot,

  •  and whoever reads us and thinks that we do a good work can support us by either sharing posts or if (s)he is a blogger by adding us to his/her blogroll.

Coming Soon: Travelog. What is this? Stay with us to find out!


12 thoughts on “Let’s toast!

  1. Pingback: Organization Anti-Social Geniuses » Reference Resource Mondays: Play The Culture Card!

    • Arigatou~ Hopefully you won’t be disappointed! The yuri stuff might be delayed a bit since we’ve scheduled other things first, but I hope they’ll be to your liking as well! A new column from Neko-kun is coming up and since Valentine is coming up we shall have a little sth for the occasion.


      • Of course not Foxy one. Although my blog specializes in yuri, that does not mean it’s all I blog about. I’m just more interested in anime and manga with yuri content and my goggles are usually set to high…except in Live-Action media where it has to be IN MY FACE, otherwise, I won’t notice anything unless another fan tries really hard to ship and even then I would probably question the validity.

        In short, Live-Action subtext has to be VERY high for me to notice.

        Anyway, both you and Mr Lobo can post any editorial you wish and I’d still be intrigued to give it a read. I’ll eagerly anticipate your V-Day special.


  2. . . .And I got my link and annotation updated with time to spare!

    Anyway, congratulations! I’ll miss being able to call you guys my Blogspot Buddies, but it’s also pretty exciting to see you on WordPress. Here’s to another great year of The Beautiful World, and may you have only the best of luck with your new home!


    • Thanks a lot for your wishes 🙂 We are kinda sad leaving behind blogspot, too, since I realized how tough is to do things you want the way you want for free and in a convenient way. I hope we see the advantages of this new home soon!


    • Yeah, it was a fun series. I’m following the manga, but to tell the truth I’m not sure I like where things are going in many of the storylines, be it Kuranosuke’s conclusions about the fashion industry or the two virgins getting together leaving our fabulous protagonist alone


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