Intimacy = Sex = Penetration?


Lately, I’ve finished watching My-Otome and its related by-products. There were a few things I found satisfying in My-Hime’s spin off besides battles and the OST, but the Akane x Kazuya pairing wasn’t one of them. Although I loved them in My-Hime, things changed drastically for the worse. I was particularly annoyed by how their relationship was treated.

Although I don’t expect much from a mainstream shounen show, phallocracy and misconceptions about relationships and sex don’t claim a specific ethnicity. My-Otome is just the trigger to attempt answering the question “Does sex equals penetration, and is sex the only way to get intimate?”  Continue reading

Judge it by its cover: 1. Children of the Sea



Book design is one of the most important aspects that defines the attractiveness of the book and how it communicates its content to the reader. When properly studied, it can turn a book into a treasure.

In order to understand this better better, we must first accept that books are not simply instruments made to carry knowledge -they certainly are used for that too, but not exclusively. Books can also be:

a. objects of desire, something from which the reader derives enormous pleasure. That may not be true for everyone, but dedicated readers of all kinds genres admit that reading is an important aspect of their lives, linked to various activities, both personal and social.

b. signs of one’s identity -gender, age, class, sexual orientation, etc. Different people value different books for different reasons.

c. a challenge field where the designer’s craft is judged. Can he/she give the story a face? One that people would instantly recognize and that they would instantly want to read?

In this project we wish to share with you wonderful books that should be in everyone’s library and could be proud members of the “book design hall of fame”.

Our first take is on the great manga Children of the Sea, by Daisuke IgarashiContinue reading

Left Unsaid: 3. R Word


If you concern yourself with human rights, you surely know that the ‘R Word’ means of course ‘rape’. You might as well have stumbled upon it on a newspaper or on the net. This word structure by being similar to the ‘F word’ and ‘L word’ denotes something very specific: that there’s a taboo around it when it comes down to talking seriously about the topic and that at the same time some people have used the word so much that it has become trivialized.

V-Day stands not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for Victory and Vagina. 15 years ago Eve Ensler decided to organize a global activist movement to end violence against women. Though the protests are usually in the positive form of dance or theater, I decided that my way of participating and breaking the silence will be this post.

Disclaimer: I am not a rape survivor, thus I can’t claim I really know how it feels, but I’ll try my best to present this sensitive topic with the limited knowledge, experience and empathy that I’ve got. Please, feel free to point out if and where I err.

Trigger warning: images of rape in anime and manga.  Continue reading

Love & Melodies

Love is a feeling we all wish to celebrate for reasons that mere words cannot describe. Love is like a set of wonderful melodies; it gives joy and meaning to one’s life but in order to understand it one must first learn three things: to feel, to express and to trust. Voiceful, a shoujo-ai written by nawoko, is a good example of the relationship between love and music.

Good, Great, Godlike – Rating anime & manga


Getting ready for the awards? -No, thanks!

You must have noticed -if you’ve taken a look at our review section- that we don’t use any kind of scale for rating. This can be explained by two things: firstly, we rarely write negative reviews, so almost anything you’ll find here is recommended; and secondly because I don’t trust numbers much.  Continue reading

Anime Moonwalking, Manga Backflipping

moonwalking2Since this is a ‘new start’ of a sorts, it’s appropriate to make some re-introductions and get to know each other better. Besides the freshly updated ‘About Us‘ section, you can check out all the posts in the ‘Journal‘ category. This post is one more contribution to the said category.

We’ve talked about how we met and how Utena ignited our relationship, we’ve mentioned anime we identified with, we described the Greek otaku community the way we experienced it, but we still haven’t delved into how it all began between us and the anime/manga. The chance and idea to ramble about our baptism in these 2D worlds were given by Nopy’s project, “My History with Anime“. Continue reading

Let’s toast!



Please take care of us this year, too!

Turning a new page here! The witch Kuranosuke has waved his magic wand and transformed the landscape. The unchangeable AMARS have brought a change with them and this new site is now much more otaku than before!

31.1.2010 was the first day we began talking and writing about our ‘travels’ in THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD. Three years later, we’ve been to even more fantastic places, we’ve tasted new joys, and we’ve grown up a lot.  Continue reading