2013: 12th day of Animanga


Attack on Titans 

The anime (and manga) that created a wave of craziness and a passionate fandom.  Continue reading


2013: 11th day of Animanga

Fullmetal.Alchemist.Brotherhood.600.771084 by Mattsu

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

The best shounen ever. That was a common phrase we heard from way too many people, most of them of completely different tastes, before we started watching the series. Brotherhood’s reputation is beyond words. Even the people who did not fell in love with the show still thought of it as very good, especially in comparsion to the rest of the genre. So we were curious to see how much truth was in the hype. Continue reading

2013: 10th day of Animanga


Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra

Book of Bantorra has a great premise: a library collects books containing the memories of the dead. There’s also an enticing mystery regarding the true nature of the library; larger than life characters; and overall, it’s simply a lot of fun seeing what crazy things the characters will do. Volken and that ant guy are two of my favorite characters from any anime. ~ draggle

This series got placed 8th in draggle’s top 30 anime, his description sounded there was something good waiting and so we gave it a chance.  Continue reading

2013: 6th day of Animanga


Guyver: The Bio Booster Armor

As a science fiction fan, I admit that the genre is a big mystery to me. There are works that seem to have what it takes to be interesting, yet they fail to deliver the blow that’ll wake up my fanboyism. And there are works like Guyver: The Bio Booster Armor that contains many of the stereotypes an average fan of science fiction expects, yet they instantly hit the target once the story starts. Continue reading