2012: 10th day of Christmas



“Behind the black cell bars I was born. I wish for the price of my malice. Well, I’ll give you that justice as much as you desire it. Before you can destroy or be destroyed by it, I pay the price for my karma. Let’s go together, nameless monster. […] Ah the new world God speaks of…”

This is the second dystopian series of fall 2012. Shinsekai Yori has hard time antagonizing PSYCHO-PASS with Urobuchi giving his signature for the later. Besides it airs on noitamina slot which is famous for its avant-garde and non-mainstream anime (with the sad exception of the previous year); it couldn’t be better advertised. It’s got action, it’s got some violence, it’s got great (bishounen) character design and an intellectual vibe.

PSYCHO-PASS is a very good series and I appreciate a lot its atmosphere and themes it touches, yet it has some flaws which are hard to forgive in a sci-fi which wants to sell itself as something exceptional on top. You can’t have a policewoman give away important work secrets on a case to an online avatar which she hasn’t checked just because the avatar claims to know her and offers help… You can’t generally have a newbie, the epitome of innocence, working on tough cases. You can’t have prepared to ambush a place and not be prepared about the possible problems/distractions the criminal might set up. You can’t have me accept that police officers can’t put one and one together, analyse simple data and reach a conclusion without becoming latent criminals either. The show is also very chatty and quotes ‘big names’ almost all the time, too.

And since the last episode, when I was literally screaming at my screen, I’m completely disappointed with the female protagonist. Akane doesn’t only have a character design that screams “I’m an idiotic virgin”, she also proved a total wimp who couldn’t even shot with a real gun a psychopath who threatened her friend with death… She did show some strong will to serve real justice by shoting the Enforcer with her Dominator to protect a rape victim, and we’ve also seen her stand up for herself. Yet the way she reacts around Kogami and her recent huge mistake make her very hard to like. Unless this event changes her into something better, I’m gonna despise her till the end. And by better I don’t mean anything as rosy and cheesy as Madoka… I wonder if the OP foreshadows anything or it’s there just for the coolness and artsy-ness.


Then why I still watch it? I’ve already mentioned the atmosphere factor. Then there’s curiosity – what will happen in the end? And thirdly, there are pure fangirlism reasons: a. Yayoi x Shion, and b. Kogami. I really want the first to take some more action and about the latter…oh well, he can reveal as often as he wants his super hot body. Even with his suit smexiness-pass is over 200 😛 I hope he doesn’t become a jerk along the way.

Time will tell, if the series improves, stays stagnant or worsens. For the sake of my fangirlism I pray it gets better.

Sidenote 1: Yes, I’m not pairing up Kogami with anyone. I do like BL but not at this point. Makishima is just a mad-man and I dislike foeyay! Ginoza is too much of an annoying uke and Shusei is just a child. The girls are out of the question for reasons mentioned above… and the only possible good match would be Masaoka. A bit of an old man, but character-wise they kinda suit each other. Still, I’m not gonna parade in the streets, post ship banners everywhere or something.

Sidenote 2: Those watching the series, have you noticed that the ED changes in some parts?


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