2012: 9th day of Christmas

Shin Sekai Yori/ From the New World


I spotted it on the promotional list. The description was intriguing. I also watched the pv, that got me dubious of the nature of the series (“is it going to be slice-of-life?”) But certainly up till now it doesn’t disappoint in general. Experimental animation at times, very atmospheric both due to visuals and music… yes, it takes awhile to reach the point, since it puts in use the show-don’t-tell policy (certainly a plus), but world building is important and the characters may start dull and unrecognizable, but they gradually grow stronger as presenses. I’d rather say though that Shinsekai Yori is story/message-driven than character driven, so even if the characters appear to someone as not very well-fleshed, I believe he/she shouldn’t drop the anime.

Also, since we talk about dropping, episode 8 was quite a memorable episode for the reactions it stimulated. I got displeased for the abrupt time skip, others got aggravated for the most intimate gay kiss anime has ever written (yeah, we don’t get such close-up hot and tasteful kiss even in yaoi) and the general rampant homosexual behavior… I can say that this was quite important, not only because it showed how part of the anime community can be so homophobic -that, we knew already-, but because this scene was included in a non-yuri, non-yaoi anime as something as natural as breathing… or almost. On the one hand same-sex flirting was treated as something more than fanservice, on the other hand though it went for the real life trope “it’s just a phase”. So my feelings are kinda mixed, yet I can’t not recognize its significance.


Back to the characters, I have a deep love for Saki. She’s so dynamic, curious, intelligent and mentally strong. She’s admirable. And she’s beautiful; she resembles Hikari from Digimon, my first 2D girl crush. It’s only natural that I have high hopes for her and the series. I really wish she doesn’t end up conforming to the system. Mamoru on the other hand is the one I like the least or better I have a love/hate feelings for him. I can recognize part of myself on him; which means something bad for me but very good things for the series.

Having been half way through the series, I’m mostly positive that (at least in my personal list) Shinsekai Yori is a little diamond, and if it had ended its run this year, it would have probably surpassed even Hyouka at its overall performance. We still have some way to go; let’s pray the experience will be rewarding of our enthusiasm and patience.


Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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