2012: 8th day of Christmas

I Won’t Say I Love You Anymore


Love can give joy, hope, expectation. Love can make a person alive again. But, truth must be told that sometimes, mostly unitentionally, love can be a thorn deep inside a person’s heart.

“I Won’t Say I Love You Anymore” seems to be your average cliche, short-story yuri. The main protagonists, Eriko and Nako, are both members of a famous girlband. The sketches are your typical (high quality) yuri of the day. The pages are too limited for any major plot twist to happen. So, what makes this manga special?


With hardly any effort, the mangaka managed to make this story come to life in a realistic way. Eriko learns of her freedom to love even girls thanks to Nako-chan confession of her lesbianism -even though there is no mention of the word, Nako admits that she only falls for women. Eriko is confused and inexperienced. Love, under such circumstances, comes with a big price for the two girls, even though none of them is ill-willed.

When things come to an end, there are no good and bad guys -simply people who made mistakes and have taken their own path, never forgetting the past. From the ashes of that past they have not only lost things; the end of this love, was the beginning of a new one -perhaps one that will keep for a lifetime. As for the magnificent end, I think we all have a relationship that we feel nostalgia for, a person who we deeply miss and would dream of an opportunity to set things right. But that chance hardly ever comes.

What I adore in this manga, is that in very few pages it manages to say more things about love than most shoujo series. In my eyes it is one of the purest and most innocent tributes to love and that is why it must be one of my 12 manga moments of the year 2012.

Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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