2012: 6th day of Christmas

Toward the Terra


I adore good old science fiction stories because I find their ability to analyze truly important subjects without forcing a slogan-like-message on the reader’s mind, fascinating.

Toward the Terra is a sci fi story of such virtue, for it manages to amaze the reader by providing a trip to the future, to times when humanity has conquered every little corner of the universe but lost its home, Earth. What makes this story special is the very idea of reminding the reader that our home planet that nowdays we take for granted, could one day be but a forsaken cruel memory. It made me wonder about whether I would actually be able to survive mentally in a world with no sea and no blue skies, not the magic green fields and many colours of our world. All that, without ever presenting a single one of these images -just vast depictions of a space desert that is as much made of hope as it is of despair.


The 1970’s artistic style took my heart away, especially the panels of outer space. Each and every character is memorable, from Jomy Marcus Shin to Keith Anyan and from Physis to Soldier Blue (my personal favorite) they all have their own personality. There is not much character development to anyone besides Keith, but that did not bother me, because of the many plot twists.

Toward the Terra was not simply one of my special manga moments, but the manga moments of the year 2012. I believe it has shaped me to be a little bit different as a person. You should give it a try too.


Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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