2012: 4th day of Christmas

Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita/ Humanity is Declining

28622255 by にが

Yes, you read very well. If you haven’t watched the series and haven’t pushed the play button yet, you’re probably asking what is with this crazy title. But honestly, I’m not trying to fool you.

  • Carrot bread commiting suicide- check.
  • Skinned chickens who produce a lot of goods and want to conquer the world – check. Aforementioned chicken jumping off a cliff and land in a church with starved children accompanied by Ave Maria- check.
  • Getting into manga panels, seeing sound effects pop in front of the characters, and checking the page sides for audience’s reaction- check.
  • Crazy fujoshi recreating the BL culture while supposedly on job dealing with human culture- check.
  • Banana peels and dogs creating time paradoxes for the shake of candy production- check.
  • Fight betwen two robots who deny they’re robots and who transform themselves into a giant cat and a giant nautilus, while screaming attacks- check.
  • Fairies and a girl creating civilization on an abandoned island, only to destroy it within less than a month- check.
  • Paranoic to the point of yandere-ism circle of friends during school- check.
  • A wonderfully selfish, manipulative, curious and … indifferent nameless female protagonist- check.

Jinrui was an utterly crazy ride with its ups and downs, with some great satire here and there, providing something uniquely weird and quite refreshing. A nice watch overall. I didn’t get mad about it, yet Neko somehow did; and guess what: he wants to cosplay Watashi… so, here it is in the list of the highlights of 2012.


Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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