2012: 2nd day of Christmas

Lupin the Third: A Woman named Mine Fujiko




When I saw the opening of the series, my heart was stolen. Simply like that. It didn’t only utilize my favorite art style (I’m very fond of sketch-like designs) but it was also very refreshing for an anime opening. A clearly adult one, featuring the voluptuous Fujiko naked, bondage, implied orgasms, BDSM culture, flowers, guns and beautiful statues of males, all in a black & white, retro aesthetics. With a husky female voice narrating, not singing, accompanied by a psychedellic melody. Priceless.


The series itself was episodic at first, and the different movie references as well as the changing atmosphere each episode bore, were really enjoyable. The characters had an aura of mystery and danger, and apart from a few slightly comic scenes, they were pretty serious and edgy in what they were doing. Of course, the one who shined above all was Fujiko, the absolute femme fatale.


What didn’t go very well was the story the series tried to write for her past. It became quite bizarre and unnecessarily convoluted towards the end. Her personality was almost attributed to a traumatic past, but thankfully, the writers saved it at last minute. Using in the process too much talking…


It might not have been the diamond I expected, yet I’ll surely remember Fujiko Mine with two words: stylish and sultry.


Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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