2012: 1st day of Christmas

Sakamichi no Apollon/ Kids on the Slope

Kids on the Slope

The series is

> nostalgia: what with the jazz music pieces floating around. The awesome medley of “My Favourite Things” & “Moanin’” made my heart fly; such liberating notes, such excitement caused by a performance and an ‘escape’ , are things one rarely experiences.

> love: oh, the first episodes with all these doki doki moments. I was swooning hours later, coz I was in love with anime again. Especially the moment when Sentarou meets Yurika.

> and friendship: Sentarou and Kaoru fooling around, playing together, consoling each other and getting envious of each other, they were what I wished my childhood friendships looked like. Along with Ricchan, the moments of fun they had together in that lil basement brimmed with joy and passion.

Unfortunately, the love polygons kinda tired me with the guys hitting on the girls becoming a pattern (though the reactions were pretty realistic), Sentarou was a much greater pair with Kaoru than with anyone else, and the overall result felt rushed. Noitama wasn’t enough to let the series breathe and the time transitions felt abrupt.

It’s also sad that the series didn’t do much with neither the setting nor the music itself.

The end annoyed me a bit, since I’m not into religions, and I couldn’t really see why Sentarou ended up a priest.

But if I close my eyes and forget the series’ flaws, I still hear the youthful sounds that enchanted me.


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