Reflections on Animanga Blogs- The Roundup


10 thoughts on “Reflections on Animanga Blogs- The Roundup

  1. I'm so very happy that this project gets appreciation! Also, welcome to our blog!As for the editorials vs reviews debate, I think both are needed since they cover different needs. But, yes, personally I'm drawn a lil bit more to editorials as well.Thanks for commenting!


  2. Of course you can take a look around our site. We're glad you find it interesting, but next time I'd appreciate it, if you wrote in English and didn't force us to use google translation… also, I hope that your intentions weren't simply advertising for yourself.


  3. There were some troubles along the way, but oh well, if this project has helped someone, then I'm more than happy that I suggested it and compiled the results here. I guess that the tips can be applied to other blogs with different themes as well, which make this all the more valuable :)Thanks for dropping! I hope you visit us again soon~


  4. Obviously, I found it clever enough to include it XP It's my pleasure that all of you helped me out in this. I feel relieved that I finally ended what I started. Promices should be kept 🙂


  5. I'd like to thank everyone who helped put this out. I found it incredibly helpful. The blog carnival has been excellent to watch from the sidelines. Not only were there intelligent and relevant commentary but it was tied to some very elegant blogs which I could check and see immediately. I have leaned a lot of great things. I'd also like to add that many of the comments easily apply to blogs of other topics.


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