When I wish upon a star

When I wish upon a star
Ok, I know Tanabata was a month ago, but since I mixed things up, I can’t do much. You’ll just pretend the wishing paper was hung on the tree the proper day.

When I wish upon a star

Foxy Lady: If I had to wish for a single thing, that would be of course for any obstacles between me and my sweet partner having an every day life near each other to be erased or overcome as soon as possible.

But although my relationship is very important to me and will be, I think, for the years to come, I still have wishes independent of my relationship and one such is finding a job and settling down with what I want to do in my life professionally, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle the task of managing children full of energy that in general have attention issues and haven’t learnt to be responsible at all… I’d like to be given the chance to try modelling, graphic design, translating, tasting wine and perhaps a secretary position.

Taking this chance though, I want to hang all the colorful papers I can on the bamboo tree and set both short- and longterm goals. These things need to be written down somewhere to remind me what I want to do and later to help me reflect on my life. Here we go- I want to…

  • … continue reading manga, watching anime and blogging till my old age.
  • … explore different kinds of music, listen more to it, since I’ve kinda abandoned it these past few years. Going to a choir and to lessons to improve my voice is important as well, because singing along with dancing is a very raw way of expressing my feelings. Plus I was really good at both when I was a kid and my parents were the main reason I got estranged from them.
  • … try tango, waltz, flamenco, modern dance and generally whatever sets my body in motion and my heart aflame. I used to dance ballet when I was around 5-7. I have the rhythm it takes; I just need to discipline and let go according to what dance I perform. It’ll be a great exercise, too, since I’m not too athletic.
  • act. Ok, I’m a little bit vain. I like the idea of interpreting an idea before an audience. The stage, the lights, the costumes, the lives you get to ‘live’ through different roles, I find them all so fascinating. But perhaps most of all I want to be part of a team with a common goal, where everyone contributes to the final outcome. I need to live that bonding that passed me by in my school/university years.
  • … learn sewing and cosplay. Horo will have priority, but I also love Oruha (Clover) , Ashura (TRC) , Yuuko (xxxholic), Princess of Crystal (Mawaru Penguindrum), Karen (X) and many others; they’d make for great costumes and personalities.
  • … get to create things with my own two hands, especially ceramics and jewelery. I believe that especially ceramics might help me relax and find beauty in minimalism. Such activities can also prove quite profitable. I’d be great, if I could make money by things I enjoy a lot.
  • … watch a looooot of movies. I’m totally illiteral on this field. Yeah, don’t scream, but I haven’t watched Matrix or Inception or Godfather or even Lord of the Rings. Shame on me; I have to do something to fix that thing.
  • study feminism properly and lgbtq history, and of course do something about the problems women and lgbtq people face. Perhaps join an organization and contribute in people opening up, learning and finding a shelter.
  • learn japanese and read japanese literature. The language is like a must for anime/manga fans (I can’t wait the scanlations every time…) and it’d be more than nice, if I could work as a manga translator.

The list gets long, so I’ll be more laconic: I also want to try creating a comic and animation, to organize an anime party, travel to Japan, Ireland, Spain and perhaps Persia, and at some point I want to have my own house with garden, a big library and an “otaku” room.

The bottom line is that I desire to be independent and creative, and be with the person I hold most dear. I need to feel alive and make new friends, hang out with them and have fun!

When I wish upon a star

Neko: If I should express one wish only, for Foxy Lady’s health, well being and happiness and for our relationship to last long, very long and to be as we want it to be -with the two of us living together, sleeping together, working and having fun and joy and sharing sorrow. I wish for two good jobs for us. By good I mean well payed and creative occupation. I know it makes me happy to go to work but I would still want more money from it. I know Foxy Lady badly wants to be independent, but she also wishes to make a contribution to other people’s well being. I love her for that and I cannot wait to see her eyes full of fulfillment.

I also wish that this blog becomes more and more successful. By that word I do not mean more popular, but a vision its writers share, to see it full of high quality, interesting and as unique as it goes articles. We have so many ideas and so many things we wish to share with one another and with our friends and readers, I wish we get to have the time to write them all down.

I wish for my friends a trillion wishes that, for technical reasons, I will narrow into one: I wish, with all my heart, for the very best of each and everyone of you.

As for more greedy wishes, I wish for someone to give me enough money to buy many of the things I’d like to read, listen, watch and study. And for good enough cash to be able to survive, take care and leave a heritage to those I care for.

To put it in a few words: a happy present and future for my and my love. For us to be together. For our friends to stay together and achieve what they wish for. For this blog to kick ass. And for the world to improve its state and keep straight ahead for a brighter future. Those wishes will do it for now.


7 thoughts on “When I wish upon a star

  1. @Kai: I need thorough cultural training… I think it has to do with the fact that I've also gained my own room the last four years- thus a bit of personal freedom- but it doesn't include a TV…


  2. Likewise, I haven't been catching up on movies too. I haven't watch the Amazing Spider Man, Transformer 3, Real Steel and stuffs. I missed a hell lot!


  3. @listlessink: Thanks for your kind wishes!!! I do hope they are realistic, as there are times,when especially I, feel like there are too many things desired, but too little time.

    It'd be weird, if our wishes didn't involve each other; we are amidst a weird and difficult situation, and we've 'held hands' for quite some time now, helping each other and trying to improve ourselves. It's perhaps a bit cheesy, but it's the truth *blush*


  4. Awww. You two are so sweet! It's good to see your wishes involve each other.

    Anyways, I love all your wishes. Very realistic and very goal oriented. ^ ^ I wish you the best of luck on all these, Ayame and Neko.


  5. @Kencana: Uhm, this is a more personal post, more of a diary as the tag denotes, and thus we let our sappy selves out, hehe *blush*

    Yeah, I know it's difficult. But I believe that if you get a tutor then things become easier not only because you might learn some tricks but also you'll be more systematic with your studying. I've bought a book and some cds but I kinda need a person to push/motivate me to keep going.


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