Blog Carnival: Reflections on Animanga Blogs

Blog Carnival: Reflections on Animanga Blogs
After the Aniblog Tourney was finished, I felt restless and really wanted to find a way to run a fairer, more data-based, blog contest, something like Pulitzer Awards. I mean, having blogs with very different contents compete against each other, with no criteria whatsoever, isn’t exactly the idea of fair. The fact that in its core the AniTourney was a popularity contest defeated the point of the contest sorts of, since you don’t really need a contest to see who’s most popular; a list with each blog’s views and comments would show that clearly. I also didn’t like much the general spirit of ‘cheating is ok’ and the trashing that came along with it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I did get just a bit more traffic, I’m thankful for that and the general tough work that was undertaken by Scamp. This also doesn’t have to do with any sorts of ‘lower’ feelings due to me losing against Inushinde. He is a great guy and a clever blogger. Yet, I don’t believe I’m necessarily a less good of a blogger because I lost. He writes mainly reviews/episodics, I write mainly editorials- there was almost no common ground to be judged upon.

Wait, hang with me just a bit longer. I’m getting where I must. No, the Carnival I’m suggesting isn’t about the Tourney. It isn’t about any new contest either. I understood after discussing with a few other bloggers that not only it wouldn’t be possible to organize such a contest on my own, but finding criteria with which all the bloggers would be judged is very very hard. Even if we came in a consensus, a contest of virtues would harm the pride of those not nominated an award/title. So that’s what I came up with after long thoughts:

Let’s get to know what we want. For us. A general friendly feedback. 

Why not get to reflect on what we like to read and for what reasons? (reviews, commentaries, editorials)
What do we do when we stumble across a new blog?
What must a good animanga blog have and do?
What blogging behaviors annoy us (anonymously of course)?

A month would be too long and the input would go stale. A week is too short because it’s summer, people go and have fun, are on vacations, perhaps have more work… So what about holding this carnival for 2 weeks? Readers that don’t have blogs may comment on the section below. After the carnival ends, I’ll try summing up our ideas into a single post that could as well be a guide for first time bloggers of the animangasphere.

Please, in order to collect all of your contributions here, do tweet me over Foxy Lady Ayame.

ATTENTION: Please, don’t get out of topic while writing on this blog carnival. Also, I considered it a matter-of-fact that participants will behave in a civil manner without picking on other bloggers. Unless you have the consent of the other blogger, don’t express opinions that might be offensive.

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17 thoughts on “Blog Carnival: Reflections on Animanga Blogs

  1. @animemiz: The carnival is over and it wasn't a contest. I stressed in this entry that it's not about another kind of Anitourney but a feedback source of a sorts. I make it clear coz I had some misunderstandings and trouble at some point. When I find some time, I'll sum up everyone's entries.Anime Diet had made me the honor of inviting me for a post, and the guys over there as well as the gals do some great job, so it's a pleasure to read them.You are Linda, aren't you? Thanks for checking us out!


  2. I followed a comment you made over at Anime Diet, and found this.. nice.. collaborative. The Aniblog toruney was okay… but yeah commenting on blogs entries that stand out sends a happy feeling to the writer. I still don't know what is the format going to be in this carnival, but sounds entertaining. ^_^


  3. @Jay: at the point you brought up the question, the carnival was already ending, but it sure is an interesting question and I'll gladly see the results that you will get 🙂


  4. @kitsune and neko: I think it would be multiple “best post” awards for different post types, but every blog wouldn't get their own award or anything. Think of it like the Oscars or any other big award ceremony, but with anime blogs instead of movie studios and blog posts instead of films.


  5. @Vampt Vo: I'd like you to further elaborate on your idea; Every blog would have a “best post of the year” or only some will get awards like “best satirical/informative post” or only one blog will have a post awarded?

    I had thought about a combination of the above ideas but unfortunately was driven to a wall once more. Especially for the last two ideas the popularity of a blog will play role. Then we have questions like what system will be used and what criteria to choose the posts and award them…


  6. I'm not sure I love the ideas people are bouncing around here about a “Carnival” in which everybody just gets along and nobody competes. However, your mention of the Pulitzer Prize makes me think of a different idea.

    Why not reward blogs for specific articles rather than for their whole blog? It's much easier to decide on a great article than a great blog, and it takes out the whole popularity contest thing. (After all, it avoids the whole “I voted for him/her because he/she seems like a cool person” thing.) Thoughts?


  7. @The Paper: Glad you found other bloggers you like, too. But is your comment a suggestion for my background, too? I'll unfortunately will have to pass on this one, as black isn't a color I like that much.

    @Yi: It's always a pleasure to have your opinion or generally a post from you! Thanks for taking part in this~


  8. You know my thoughts on the tourney, darling, so I won't regurgitate here. ^ ^ (For those curious, it's not too hard to guess my thoughts; just read my comments over at the tourney site.)

    Anyways, I like this idea a lot more. A critique-based feedback system as opposed to traffic-oriented contest would do the blogosphere some good after the ABT.

    Expect a short email (or even a post maybe) soon. ^ ^


  9. @Sabishii, @marinasauce, @Kai, @Justin: Thank you, minna-san for the support. I can't wait to see where this whole thing will end up. I hope we get nice results!

    @Pontifus:I was referring to pulitzers more as a structure, i.e. there would be separate awards for review and editorial blogs, and other mini titles concerning the most informative post, the most innovative etc. In any case that was an idea of the past.

    “we aren't competitors, we're a think tank. We're also our own microhistorians, making records that become more useful in aggregate.”

    I really like your statement here. So true and so wonderfully worded.

    “but if I made a list of specific preferences, I'd inevitably forget some and be frustrated at myself later.”

    I understand you. I feel like that now, while reading some of the other entries. But it's ok. The collective outcome is the one that matters. Give it a shot 🙂


  10. All right, since you pinged me, I'll have my thoughts on this in the Next Sunday Spotlight. Ho ho…kind of have something I've been working on for two weeks ready for this Sunday. So I'm glad that this blog carnival shall be run for two weeks^^ Thanks for asking me!


  11. Nice, and it's a nice thing I have a public holiday soon, should be expecting my reply these few days. At least, I don't think I would take as long as my anime community post.


  12. I think you're getting at a real problem with the tourney here. It's entirely random to minimize bias, but it also doesn't account for the fact that blogs and their readers can be very different. There's no sense in two blogs competing when their goals have nothing to do with one another.

    But there can be no “fair” and “data-based” tournament, really. The Pulitzer is awarded based wholly on the taste of its judges (there are some nice recent articles about that, actually, given the lack of a 2012 fiction prize). Personal preference and measures of “good” writing are one and the same, once we get beyond the basic requirement of effective communication. (Here's one way I judge the blogs I come across: anyone who sincerely claims absolute, objective rightness probably has nothing interesting to say.)

    So, as far as tournaments go, we have two options:

    1. The popularity contest.

    2. Judgment handed down by too small a sample of people to be representative of much at all.

    Both approaches have ups and downs. And I don't much care for either of them — we aren't competitors, we're a think tank. We're also our own microhistorians, making records that become more useful in aggregate. I appreciate the extra traffic, too, but I'd rather not encourage partisanship. Which is why I did my tourney posts as I did.

    tl;dr: I like what you're doing here. I like the idea of a “carnival.” Or a school culture festival, to be more anime-esque. We all set up our booths side by side. We all have the opportunity to provide value in some way.

    Which is precisely the kind of blog activity I like, and what I look for, to answer your questions. That's a little meta, I guess, but if I made a list of specific preferences, I'd inevitably forget some and be frustrated at myself later.


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