GLorious Love – Part 2

This month the Pride Festivals around the world come to an end for this year. Before that, though, let’s see some GL manga that take their protagonists’ sexuality seriously.

BLazed Passion – Part 2

BLazed Passion - Part 2

Two dads can be equally awesome as other families – but doubly sexy 😉 Yaoi sure understand that women have a thing for caring men and took advantage of the fact. And like always, there are very few of the bunch that stand out and show plausible situations and relationships. Let’s take a look at the delicious titles I’ve gathered here.

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Left Unsaid: 1. Voluntary Death

Left Unsaid: 1. Voluntary Death


This is the first post of a series of articles called Left Unsaid. The project will be dedicated on analyzing various social and personal aspects of life, usually subjects of ambiguous debate. We wish to use this series as a tool to go deeper into our own experiences and to help other people through mutually beneficial discussions. We believe that the world is beautiful and we wish to make it even better. This is one of our contributions to this effort.


As a teenager I remember a word very intriguing to me: death. When I truly started to think and analyze the world around me, the majesty and absolute power of death seemed overwhelming to the eyes of this young boy. Like many other kids my age, I felt like it was something I desired to experience. On this article, I am using volume one of Confidential Confessions (CC) and the story of its heroines, Manatsu and Asparagus, to talk about my own experiences and explain how manga art treats one’s wish to voluntary abandon life. Continue reading