Majo: Long ago there were witches…

Majo: Long ago there were witches...

Prepare yourself to enter an unseen world where living means experiencing with your whole being, body and mind. Prepare yourself to take a dip into the world of Witches

the whole of the girls' faces as they are in the series' covers

the whole of the girls’ faces as they are in the series’ covers

A wildly imaginative trek into the deepest realms of human beliefs and the mysteries of the universe. Daisuke Igarashi’s amazing pen can recreate anything he can imagine on paper, resulting in beautifully chaotic, maddeningly detailed scrawls of pure wonder. A true celebration of the human imagination.

When deep emotions come to the head, the witch that dwells in the heart awakens – the gorgeous and literary illusory tales begin.
Majo won the Excellence Prize in the Manga Division at Japan Media Arts Festival in 2004.

Majo consists of two volumes and it’s essentially an anthology of one-shots, with the exception of the omake of the first volume that plays the link between the two volumes. This manga hasn’t won an award without reason and it doesn’t take long to realize why. From the firsts pages the reader treads on mysterious grounds, words cast their spells and the art weaves the atmosphere of the setting. You rarely see art that detailed and even more rarely you encounter splash pages which engulf you and transfer you to far away places. Your hair will raise and chills will run down your spine due to the strange perspectives and alien creatures. You can hear and smell and feel through these ‘magical’ lines on paper. And of course, Igarashi’s storytelling is compelling and engaging – he knows how to interlace the natural with the supernatural seamlessly. Real places and scientific facts mingle with fiction in an exciting journey to other worlds and dimensions.

Each volume tells two main stories and one smaller. The first volume has a more horror-ish air to it than the second, but both talk about witches:
a malicious witch who is the product of jealousy,
a primitive witch who controls the spirits,
a witch that prophecizes and who was is a spirit herself,
a benevolent witch who lives alone and knows to read the book of nature,
a manipulative witch who schemes in order to grant her wish
and an old witch who stores things in… peculiar places and wanders on a strange beach.

Volume 1

Aghia Sofia (=Saint 'Wisdom') in Instabul

Aghia Sofia (=Saint ‘Wisdom’) in Instabul

SPINDLE has an oriental aroma with some cosmopolitan notes and that’s to be expected when the setting is Istanbul, Turkey, the place where East meets West, secrets are whispered and gods lie dormant and in peace next to each other. A foreign girl grows up with grudge in her heart born from rejection and wants to take revenge, while another girl holds her spindle, listens to the messages sent to her and travels from the vast valleys to the city to carry out her mission. Delusions of power and blindness to the limits of one’s self; death and things irreplaceable; the world within the words and the one beyond them; this is the essence of what began and ended in a bazaar…

somewhere in Amazon...

somewhere in Amazon…

In the deep forests where the shamans live in balance with the nature, where you have to be careful of your every step, if you are an outsider, things are about to change as a new era dawns. Colorful birds flap their wings in warning, lizards whistle and open their eyes wide, the forest is restless. Illusions protect the natives and bring disturbing end to the Western intruders. Games of power and betrayals, ambiguity of righteousness, summonings with great costs, new beginnings and scary consequences sprout in the pages of KUARUPU.
omake: Birdrider Witch

omake: Birdrider Witch

On the countryside a priest shares a cup of tea with another priest who has come for a visit. As they enjoy their hot drink and chat, a little fellow disrupts them with its appearance. The bird comes often and the witch trusts him with visions of the future.
Volume 2

a German town gone crazy...

a German town gone crazy…

In the future, EU has its own space base and sends astronauts in space for exploration, but an accident occurs and the wounded astronaut returns to Earth carrying in him the PETRA GENITALIA. When the mysterious stone gets out, madness surges and pops on every corner of the city. At the same time, between the sound of the goats’ bells and the birds’ cries under the blue sky, there are still some people, especially two women, who know with their bodies and their minds and are able to stand among red-caped hypocrites that have forgotten the wordless world. The witch who lives on the mountains with her apprentice is called by the clerics to solve the problem because she can ‘see’.
a small island, a place of rebirth

a small island, a place of rebirth

Do you hear the sea howling? Is the wind feeling you up? If every cell of your body isn’t awakened, you aren’t really alive. That’s what a high schooler is taught by a mysterious lady on board on a journey to find herself. She stole money all of a sudden to go on a trip to the unknown with a relative of hers. She follows the lady’s advice and reaches a virgin island to experience the nature in her. Love and will for life are found at the most unexpected places, side by side with deception. The world is a song and alas to the THIEF OF SONGS.
omake: Beach

omake: Beach

A girl loses her cat and desperately seeks for it. She ends up at a beach full of trashes and a strange old woman makes her appearance. The old lady tries to help her with weird results and in the end sends her home, where the cat has returned. Later the girl talks to her grandmother about that beach and she learns its true nature.
Read Majo! You’ll have your breath taken away!

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  1. @John Sato: Put it as priority. It's a Mushishi mixed with Magica Madoka. And it's just two volumes. I'll be waiting impressions either here or on twitter! 🙂

    @The Paper: Oh come on~ you love it and the things it has to offer 😉


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