Asian artists: curvy elegance & smoothness

clockwise: Audrey Kawasaki, Toonikun, kidchan, Matsuo Hiromi

clockwise: Audrey Kawasaki, Toonikun, kidchan, Matsuo Hiromi

It’s been awhile since the last time I’ve posted about art. Today I bring you some of my most favorite artists. I have much love for art nouveau: the slender figures, the graceful lines and the mesmerizing, at times bizarre, decorative elements/ shapes. And I’m also attracted to textures, be it smooth like the above or rough. These artistic ‘Achilleon heels’ of mine are presented exquisitely through the four artists you’ll be able to explore in this post. 

Instruction: Click on the image to be directed to a tumblr photoset and click on the caption to access the artist’s page.

 My little secrets by Audrey Kawasaki


The eyes grab you first. Delicate lips and mouth seduce. Finally take in the entire piece, allowing the embodiment of eternal feminine beauty to take shape in physical form. Welcome to the refined world of Audrey Kawasaki. – Juxstapose

Based in Los Angeles, this Japanese painter and illustrator produces work that depicts feminine and sensual characters with a dreamy, ethereal, and, at times, lustful feel. Though there is usually a tension between the innocent and erotic in her work, on the whole Kawasaki conveys a strong sense of harmony. Her sharp graphic image is combined  with the natural grain of the wooden panels she paints on, bringing unexpected warmth to the enigmatic subject matter. The figures she paints are seductive and often have an air of melancholy about them, seeming to exist in their own sensually esoteric realm, yet at the same time they have an accesibility that draws the viewer to them. Her technique is a combination of traditional painting with a modern graphic illustrative style. – IDN magazine

Her works are NSFW as you understand, so be careful when you click on the links to see more. She’s not afraid of nudity, and, as her main theme is sexually awakened girls, lesbianism is often encountered. Everything she works on turns out really enchanting. ‘My little secrets’ here is a very representative work of hers and summarizes well what I like about her art. Apart from what is deliciously described in the quotes, Kawasaki’s uniqueness lies in the way she draws a body: especially in her earlier works the body is rarely wholly seen and outlined; instead you see it becoming transparent or beautifully ‘dismembered’ (you may not see arms but only hands) as if the girls emerge from another dimension.
She also cares to expand her interests and test her abilities in new waters without ever losing her ‘identity’. Kawasaki’s girls have made their appearance on various merchantize like gela skins, motorcycle helmet, kokeshi dolls etc.


Lotus Forest by Toonikun


Toonikun is a Malesian artist that creates amazing patterns effortlessly. He said in Formspring that he doesn’t use any references for them. He uses either dark colors with some vibrant accents or brown tones, thus the viewer thinks that the objects are lit from behind, almost like a shadow play. The whole atmosphere in his works is dreamy and fairy tale-ish. He is also interested in mythology and it shows through the themes of some of his artworks like ‘The Waltz of the Kelpie’ and ‘Kalika’. The elabarote costumes and the smoke-like lines along with the textures added in photoshop enhance the otherwoldly feeling. Through his work he tries to tell stories. That is very obvious in his artbooks.

Toonikun is also very well known for his beautiful fanarts of Vocaloid, Magica Puella Madoka Magi, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Hetalia Axis Power etc.


The little chamber by kidchan


Another Malaysian artist. But if Toonikun is the night, kidchan is the day. Their artworks share similar techniques and shapes, but kidchan’s works are very sweet and bright, have different themes and are often allegorical, eg. ‘Migration’, ‘Circle’ and ‘flights’. There’s a candy feeling with all the pastel colors used, especially pink, blue and purple combined with white and beige. Orange, red and pale green appear once in awhile, too. Her illustrations stir emotions in many ways; you can become happy, nostalgic, sceptical, while looking at them. Her latest works bear a distinct fluidity – they give the impression that the subjects and their world are elusive, residents of a watery country or spirits of the wind. The use of infinite straight or wavy lines and the golden effects help in the creation of this illusion.

kidchan’s portfolio includes fanarts from a variety of series, T-shirt and poster designs, comics and advertising work.


pages from the artbook/comic  LOVE SONGS  by Matsuo Hiromi


Performers, naughty ladies and women that don a kimono, maids and ladies that put on make up are some of the subjects of Matsuo Hiromi’s art. There’s always something scandalous and classy about her women. Luscious eyelashes, intense, flirty or seductive gaze, plump lips and fluffy hair, delicate hands and gorgeous curves which are highlighted by luxurious fabrics, Hiromi’s ladies are much like the Japanese version of Elvgren’s pin ups. That’s not coincidental. The artist’s “weakness for antique shop” and “love for second-hand bookstores” as well as her hobby of walking around in old streets talk for a vintage-love mindset. So, it’s no wonder her art would mirror this mindset and have such refined and nostalgic characteristics.

Matsuo Hiromi has done the covers for many books and cds, she has published some original comics and some doujinshi on LupinIII.

Which one do you like better? Are there artists that you would like to recommend?


8 thoughts on “Asian artists: curvy elegance & smoothness

  1. @Kai: You don't know what a big smile you gave me now… Audrey has a special spot in my heart. Fragility and power, passiveness and agressiveness are woven and interchanged.


  2. @marinasauce: kidchan is the one that really touches me on emotional level. She makes me smile often lately. I don't think Fuji Choko has this watery feel though. Choko utilizes the same colors but in their much brighter versions, which some times makes it hard for me to stare at the artworks for a long time. There are illustrations of her I like, but I think she doesn't balance well her colors. Imperial Boy is indeed impressive- his landscapes make you feel really small. I could try making an art post for scenery porn, the problem would be though that such artworks are very similar to one another and the artists usually don't have distinct traits that would make up for an interesting post. Stay tuned in our blog and I'll bring more artists 😉

    @animekritik: Aah, Aya Takano. I had encountered her previously. No offense, but isn't there something scary in her works? Be it the bold nudity or the big alien eyes. The only work of hers I love is the 'untitled' with the two girls in kimono making out (perhaps because they eyes are closed? and it feels warmer and cuter than the rest of her works).

    @John Sato: Oh, I'm so happy to hear that the explanations I wrote was of use… they took me a whole day T_T Toonikun, huh? Not that unexpected, I guess, since he has a more 'game-esque' feeling.

    @The Paper: 'salacious'- what a wonderful n ew word you taught me today! Hiromi is an empress of style and seduction~

    @Kencana: You are welcome. There's joy in sharing! I thank you for commenting!


  3. All of these are really nice. The explanations help a lot too. I think my favorite would probably have to be the second one, Toonikun. I love that way he incorporates light!


  4. I think of all the artists you presented, I prefer kidchan's the most. I just love that watery feel coupled with the bright and diverse colors. It kind of reminds me of one of my favorite artists–Fuji Choko. I'm really not that knowledgable about up-and-coming artists, though. Another one I'm aware of and really like is Imperial Boy.


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