Lesbians, inspiration and work ethics

Each work one does has a purpose. Some works were made to be bring profits. Others to earn and build reputation. But there are projects that were thought of, and made for, the satisfaction of passions. This is the sort of a case I am going to present in this article, and it is perhaps my dearest story evolving around one of my projects and what, thanks to a sweet young couple, I found out about work. 

Chapter I: The Lips that Confessed

One night, I recall, I was returning home, probably after a very tiring student day, spacing out, lost in my own wondering, waiting for the underground train to arrive. The line of thoughts was broken once I noticed, right across to the other platform, a couple of young (each one around 14) couple of girls kissing. I acted as if I had not seen a single thing, yet secretly I kept on looking at and around them -to call for help if anyone decided to attack them- until, after a short while, the train reached the stop and they left.

This incidents was stuck straight to my mind and I immediately felt the need to express what I saw on paper. I ran home to my desk, and once I got my butt comfortable on my seat I started sketching all the things I could recall:

how close their bodies were; the way the taller held her lovers’ head while they were kissing; the strength with which the “butch” held the “femme” in her arms; how they blushed when the bond of their lips was broken -their expressions gave me the feeling that this was their first kiss, the confession of their love; and the continuation of the kiss, one lover holding the other against the wall.

Now, I am not one to hide my adoration for lesbian affairs and interaction. However, in our case it was something very different, much deeper than a simple turn on, that attracted me to their kiss. The honesty between them was tremendous. The tenderness, the sweetness and innocence; I loved all of that. But there was also the fear of ill-mannered reactions by third parties or of being exposed to someone who should not have seen this kiss. It was heaven, it was not.

Chapter II: The Lesson

By drawing this image I wanted to express all the things written above. The rough lines and material are witnesses to that. What makes this image, in my mind, “more real” in comparison to others projects of mine, is the fact that all the things above come from a real life experience, not just my imagination.

This is perhaps the one thing any piece of valuable work has got to have. Whether it is manga, abstract paintings or typography, whether it concerns a package of cheerios, the underground station or lesbianism, one has to get to the essence of the subject, its experience, to make it real and effective.

This is, of course, not easy. It means that besides being a great professional, you have to be an outstanding human being to perform to the highest level. You have to live in order to be creative and productive. Lets put our strength in achieving just that.

p.s. This post is dedicated to the two girls I never got to know. And to all those who, like they once did, are having their first steps towards finding out what love is.


3 thoughts on “Lesbians, inspiration and work ethics

  1. Well, both girls were not exactly clones of Kate Moss, but they were beautiful in their affection of one to another. I am sure both of you would love to see and talk to them.

    p.s. Thank you for your comments


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