Blog Carnival: Our Genshiken Diairies

Blog Carnival: Our Genshiken Diairies

Let’s get to see the bigger picture. There are quite a few blog carnival series that center in the personal journey of each blogger. But what about us and the anime community closest to us? We’d like to know more about how everyone experiences anime culture in his/her local/national community.

What kind of activities are there for anime/manga fans?
Any rants? The highlights?
What are the distinctive characteristics of each community?
How does the anime scene look like internationally?

Share your experience. You may as well invite guests, hold some interviews, research a bit, if you are in the mood. It’s about the ‘we’, after all.
Contact Foxy Lady at her twitter account to link your post here, where you’ll be able to find the other contributions as well. If this goes well, we’re considering to make this a book by next year. So let’s have some fun!


Update: For those who want to write but the single anime community they are members of is the online one, they can participate later. We want to ask their understanding and patience. We don’t wish to exclude their experience, but because everyone is online active, we’d like to prioritize the IRL groups that form around anime. Thus, let us wait about a month’s time to see how the main theme of this anime carnival goes.

Thank you very much! 

Digibro- My Anime Community

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Kai – Kai’s Local Anime community

John Sato- Genshiken diairies : A blogging project

Neko – Our Genshiken Diaries: The Greek Community Part 1, 2 & 3

Sabishii Miruku -Sugoi Monogatari, Oniichan: Taiwan Animanga Expo


18 thoughts on “Blog Carnival: Our Genshiken Diairies

  1. This isn't a bad idea. I don't have any post ideas at the moment, but my local con is in a few days so if anything comes up I'll be sure to write about it. Thanks for letting me know 🙂


  2. @Aelysium: Great to have more and more people getting excited over it.

    @Ryan: I see. I can't deny your experiences. It's just you made it appear like there's only one kind of a folk and that's 'hollow'.

    @kuroshinko: never too late, always welcome!


  3. @kitsune friendship has varying levels, but I think I was pointing towards friends that fall apart when either loses interest (or moves on) from a core connection; friendship existing solely inside the respective community. For me, that's a hollow feeling I've known from various circles and sports, and I try to avoid it.


  4. @Inushinde: Happy you liked the idea!

    @trzr23: oh… remind me, where are you from? I (foxy lady) can associate though. I live on an island and just last year a lame anime party took place, but otherwise nothing much… it's a shame.

    @Ryan: I'm not sure there's such a thing as 'ultra-late into the game' (or perhaps I didn't get what you wan ted to say), but it's understandable that you have other priorities.

    There are also cases of people that met through anime communities but share more common interests than just anime, thus became friends and aren't simply 'hang-out options'. I mention this cause the way you phrased it sounded a bit unfair and monochromatic.


  5. As far as in-person communities are concerned, I don't have this experience. Was ultra-late into the game and couldn't have found the anime community through the social groups that were already consuming my time. It's never been more than second-priority to life, which isn't to say the social encounter by-products are devalued, but I care about the “person” and often strip away the channel of encounter.

    Some people like to compartmentalize their relationships (“anime friends,” “music friends” etc); that's simply not me. I cannot limit my world out of habit. And perhaps that is why I feel more connected to people sharing a few faint interests rather than one strong interest.


  6. No troll. There is literaly 0 annime community here. Everyone likes anime, but only the ones that air on TV. There are only about a handful that I know of in the city who watch/know about anime as much as I (we) do.


  7. @trzr23: you're either trolling or you don't have an anime community near you (?)

    @marinasauce: get refreshed and return dynamically!

    @Akira: you're classy AND fast I see~

    Ok, we are gathering bit by bit. Yosh! I guess we'll have to publish our part soon, too.


  8. Lol, let's see, this should be easy:

    What kind of activities are there for anime/manga fans?

    Any rants? The highlights?

    What are the distinctive characteristics of each community?
    -See above

    How does the anime scene look like internationally?
    -A distant, bizarre dream.


  9. yup, you can surely interview your friends, and since there have been also other people not being able to write much from experience, we'll make an update on the theme and include online community, too, for those who aren't active in their local/national communities 🙂


  10. I'll try my best to contribute! (But I'm saying it here first, I am very detached with the local activities concerning anime – though I know some friends :D)


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