Diary of Anime Lived – Potpourri Part 2

Diary of Anime Lived - Potpourri Part 2

Neko’s turn in anime confessions. 
i. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (ep. 1)

Diary of Anime Lived - Potpourri Part 2

Usagi’s (Sailor Moon) constant failure to wake up early in the morning and be ready for her class’ opening is definitely a real life moment for me. Whether in school, work or sex I am always late to get up from bed and, unfortunately, I carry a degree of stress similar to Usagi’s because of that weakness of mine. I hope that Foxie Lady will help me fix this problem for good.

ii. Cardcaptor Sakura (ep. 10)

Diary of Anime Lived - Potpourri Part 2

Now! It’s the Kerberos Super Special! *the attack in the video game fails* My special attack…!!! I am in the deep abyss of depression!

Kero-kun’s (Card Captor Sakura) record of continual loses in videogames is one similar to mine, though shorter. All the “game over” scenes I have witnessed… such a painful memory.

iii. Daily Life of High School Boys (ep. 2)

Diary of Anime Lived - Potpourri Part 2

*Tadakuni finds a stick in the middle of the road and picks it up. Then Hidenori attacks him from behind with an umbrella*
Hidenori: Impossible….
Tadakuni: Don’t come to me from behind.
Yoshitake: And thus, Tadakuni began his quest to become the strongest swordsman.
Tadakuni: I’m not questing and nothing’s beginning.
Hidenori: There’s no point in it, if you don’t equip your weapon.
Tadakuni: You’re annoying.
Yoshitake: Tadakuni takes 5 damage.
Tadakuni: This stick sure is nice.
Yoshitake: Tadakuni takes 5 damage. Tadakuni takes-
Tadakuni: Why have I been taking damage???
Yoshitake: Because you aren’t properly equipped.
Tadakuni: What? Is it because I was holding the sword like this? You’re nitpicky.
Hidenori: Hey, you, are you headed to the town out west? If so, take me with you.
Tadakuni: Who the hell are you?!
Hidenori: My name is Jack. I’m searching for a suitable human to become the third demon lord and oppose the other two demon lords who are fighting for possession of this world.
Tadakuni: Don’t make up a grandiose backstory! This will end once we get home anyway! […]

I recall the time when I was a teenager and could still not handle my urge to get lost in the land of fantasies. The same need was felt by a friend dear to me, with whom I could still do all the “silly” things we did as children.

Just like in the introduction of episode 2 from the series “Daily Lives of Highschool Boys” (Danshi Kōkōsei no Nichijō), the two of us used to act like the heroes of videogames we loved. The imitation of battles from franchises like Star Wars, Pokemon or Final Fantasy was one of our favorite hobbies. As it happened in the anime, we were embarrassed many times because our female classmates caught us in the middle of action. It may sound funny now, but at the time we felt very “geeky” because of such incidents.

Now I know that many other people do the same thing, and some of them like to turn it into a film.

iv. Kare Kano (ep. 2)

Diary of Anime Lived - Potpourri Part 2

At school , all that I am is a bluff. Image, image, image. An incarnation of image who lives only for image! That is me. He must know that to be the true identity of Yukino Miyazawa.

Yukino, the female protagonist from Kare Kano, acts in a way that remind me of a similar dilemma I came across as I grew up: having tried to “wear multiple masks” during my years as a teenager, I had to chose whether I would still keep the acting up, or whether I would try to figure out my hopes and wishes.

v. Genshiken (OVA 1)

Diary of Anime Lived - Potpourri Part 2

Manga club president: Then, how about a self-introduction?
Ogiue: Yes. I am the otaku-hating Ogiue. I especially hate female otakus. […] Why do you like those homos so much? […]
Manabu:  Ogi-chin, Sunday, yesterday, you went to the Tosanbou.
Ogiue: Eh??
Manabu: And I was there by chance for another event. I actually spotted Ogi-chin at the Scram Dunk: Mitsugure x Koi Event. Look I took a video, too.
Kusakabe: What is that? An otaku-related event?
Manabu: Of course! It was a yaoi-related event!

Chika Ogiue is one of the main characters of Genshiken and her hopeless efforts to hide her obsession with yaoi manga is one I have practiced myself for a long time as a yuri fan. Even though I am now pretty open about my tastes, I hope my female friends will never force me to confess in what sort of pairings I have imagined them…

To this project our post Someday We’ll Shine Together – Utena and Us can be also be included. Look forward to more in the future~


3 thoughts on “Diary of Anime Lived – Potpourri Part 2

  1. Well, acting was and will probably always be part of being human. My lesson from my teen era was that we should be careful not to use a mask all the time, or else we may be consumed by it.

    Thank you for your comments!


  2. Actually, what Yukino did there, “wearing different masks” is what I had been doing every single day, both online and real life. While in contrast, I think I was more “honest” during my school days.


  3. Hahaha, oh god, that Nichibros episode also reminds me of a childhood counterpart. My friends and I made a bow using tree branches and rubber bands and we massacred the cactus plants as if we're archers. the arrow by the way is a stick from a broom.

    With regards to Yukino reference, I still remember how my classmates used to tell me how I sound differently when they chat with me online in comparison to how I really talk at school. I obviously always feign my innocence. Only a number of friends really knows my true personality.


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