Foxy Lady: They are going to vote for us, right?
Neko: O-of course… why wouldn’t they? With such beautiful appearance and wittiness… (and who would dare to anger a goddess like you, anyways?)
Foxy: Oh, they’ll certainly gonna honor my tail, right readers?


2 thoughts on “

  1. My apologies for the last post. I just noticed by further inspection on other pages that you indeed know the information I stated before. Now looking at your icon, it is clear to me that those were the two you were speaking of, not Holo and Lawrence. Once again, I apologize for my earlier… misguidance…


  2. … Umm… Holo (or Horo, take your pick) is actually a wolf… And Lawrence is human… unless you are referring to someone else with the two commentators of this picture?


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