Lingerie: Weapons of Seduction or Performing Sex

Love, sex, ladies, no regrets […]
I love to make the people stare
They know I have that certain savoir-faire”
– Christina Aguilera, EXPRESS

Lingerie is art: they’re beautiful and although not necessary for survival, they add that special flare and taste to life and their wearer. Lingerie is a weapon: powerfully unleashing sensuality, signifying sexual mood and rocking your lover’s world.

Have I got your attention? 

Panty and Stocking are the perfect example of lingerie being weapons, metaphorically and literally.  A panty turns into a gun and a stocking into a katana. Lingerie can shoot you right through your heart (pun intended).


Aside from joking, this transformation scene does tell a lot about lingerie. First of all, putting on lingerie is a transformation in itself. The woman wearing them turns into a seductress and a merciless one at that. Lingerie is a weapon because it doesn’t offer only visual pleasure but most importantly because it offers power over the person who submits to its sex appeal.  They provide higher self-esteem and there’s nothing more sexy than confidence.  The blood is meant to boil from wanton thoughts and desires of domination.



Secondly, good and effective lingerie are worn in multiple layers. Ask any stripteaser and she’ll tell you, she wears at least 2-3 layers of them. Lingerie is meant to tease. Teasing translates in slow motions, dirty gestures and building anticipation. After all, you don’t go through buying expensive pieces of undergarments to get nude the next minute.



Finally, lingerie means performing sex. When a clever woman undresses, her hands caress her body. In striptease a man/other woman isn’t allowed to touch, so her hands become his/her hands. Just watch how Panty touches her face, gropes her breasts, embraces herself and reaches between her thighs to take off her panty. She leans over in the process and the viewer can’t help but want to tear that damn concealing skirt and take her from behind. Or look closer to how Stocking removes her stocking – inserting fingers inside it, making it ‘pop’ at her high heels. Shall I elaborate here, too? The scene screams sex even though no actual sex takes place.



The setting is also very appropriate: a dark stage with dancing lights and two poles.  Of course, wearing lingerie and dancing in them doesn’t require no matter what a pole, but I point to this detail, as it underlines further the notion that lingerie is connected with a ritual and is a kind of sex act. The pole is a phallic object and when a woman rubs against it, squeezes it between her breasts, hugs it with her legs, she creates teasing innuendos and simulates sex.


and not only on Valentine’s day…


Conclusion? Girls, go indulge yourself in some naughtiness, rock your honey’s world, and have fun!
Next part, tomorrow!
Please, I’d like to keep the discussion in the comments section free from heavy conversation, if possible. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this post 🙂

13 thoughts on “Lingerie: Weapons of Seduction or Performing Sex

  1. How I miss Panty and Stocking so. The power of lingerie is most assuredly lethal in the right hands. Such an awesome power. I wonder how strong the power of leather or spandex is in comparison?


  2. @Yi: Go, girl! Lingerie love FOREVER!

    “It's always quite an exploration to think about ways we use sex appeal to our ends and ways we may lose control. It's fascinating, isn't it?”
    It's not only fascinating, it's also super delicious (when you experience it first hand 😉 )

    Super happy that the anisphere's fashionista approves!


  3. A sexy further read. Love it!! I'm certainly going to be indulging myself in some lingerie once I get home. ^ ^

    Anyways, sex and power have always gone hand in hand. It's always quite an exploration to think about ways we use sex appeal to our ends and ways we may lose control. It's fascinating, isn't it?


  4. I like the boost in sex appeal of confident lingerie wearers. Guys don't really have that. We do have sexy underwear, but I think guys have to rely more on body form and posture, body language, to elevate sex appeal.

    Also, I have to say. What I find really sexy about Panty's pole movement is the way her head tilts back a little bit on the way down. That is a dangerous subtlety.


  5. @Ryan: Yeah indeed. Manliness the way its formed by society is associated with body build and certain raw abilities that involve physical power. Anything too detailed and soft doesn't quite fit in the image (unfortunately?).

    Oh man, that's a great catch. Dangerous subtlety indeed.


  6. @ snippettee: I try with the humor though I didn't intent much of it this time… you're getting my hopes high lol

    oh thrown on the bedroom floor, the poor lingerie… 😛 yes, they do end up there, but I don't think they belong there above all.

    Happy you liked the article. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  7. “Conclusion? Girls, go indulge yourself in some naughtiness, rock your honey's world, and have fun!”

    Ahaha, what's up with your posts? They're really hilarious~ Neko should also write something about men's underwear. jk!

    Anyway, I totally agree with how lingerie acts as a protected sheet to the skin… I was also reading your comment to Marina about garter belts, just like Marina, I find it ridiculous but at the same time seductive simply because it prolongs the teasing and it creates that highly sensual picture (perhaps that's mainly because of how media developed that imagery). As for my favourite, I really liked those with laces because they look so feminine.

    That being said, I don't know but for me lingeries look much “better” when they are already on the bedroom floor. ^^


  8. Bahaha, I couldn't help but laugh reading this post. You naughty, naughty pair.

    I admit that I cannot make myself watch past the first episode of P&S. I CAN say however that I find their fanart remarkably seductive. There's something so ridiculously hot about garters, and I am wearing some at my some day wedding and every night of that honeymoon.

    And maybe I WILL slip on what little collection of lingerie that I have and surprise a certain someone 😉


  9. @marinasauce: if you laughed, that's good. That means you've enjoyed it, right? And yes, we're naughty, very naughty and we have awfully lot fun (though lingerie isn't needed every time) 😀

    I haven't watched it whole either lol- just some scenes here and there. But I love the transformation scene (I like the character design there) and that was enough material to take advantage of for the post's purposes.

    Oh garter belts… I'll admit they're a pain in the ass to wear, but they compensate with the updated image of yourself they offer you. Once in awhile they are a nice sexy touch. It breaks the routine. Plus, it's another layer 😉 Dance, peel off slowly every layer and torture your lover till he begs for the 'sugar' in your 'bowl'. Do dance/strip; it's 1000% recommended and tested.

    The second part will be up soon. You might want to check it, too.

    Thanks for commenting~


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