And the game shall begin…

Red Bracket, Yellow Bracket, Blue Bracket, Green  Purple Bracket and  the one left standing will be GoddessMadoka  of the Anisphere

Awards and tourneys are ‘in’ this season. We got awarded by sweet Marina of Anime B & B the Versatile Blogger Award (thank you >.<) and the Anime Blog Tournament is just around the corner…

The VBA is basically what its title states, an award given to bloggers for their versatility.  Those who have been nominated are also automatically winners. We were happily surprised by the mention, since we aren’t so well-known and although we are 3 years on the net, we just recently started making some traffic. Foxy Lady looked back at her blog archive some days ago only to facepalm from what we’ve been doing these two years. Ok, it started out diary-ish and time was an issue (we both had studies to worry about), yet we were pretty random both at the updates and the really creative material – you know, posts you can be proud about. It almost feels like we just started blogging for some reason. Neko is a bit more carefree and cool about things here, yet he still is happy about comments. Anyways, here are the rules for the VBA:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy.
  •  Next, select [up to] 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  •  Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award—you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

Let’s start with the 15 blog nominations- first 10 being the editorial type mostly, the other being review blogs:

Lemmas and Submodalities by Snipet Tee – her inspiring writing style and her special post ideas have made Foxy Lady a faithful follower
Listless Ink by Yi – fashionable with a tinge of erotic she writes deliciously good and after 2DT abandoned blogging she’s the source of elegant (academic) naughtiness
The Untold Story of Altair and Vega by Ajthefourth and  Vocub Caquix, and lately other writers as well- their Mawaru Penguindrum posts were one of a kind and their collaboration as couple made up for sweet and interesting readings. Now more voices joined making the blog ‘multicolor’
Moe Fundamentalism by Akirascuro – recently going on writing alone, he has created a classy blog with unique taste and design. Fresh points of view with a range of themes.
Gagging on Sexism by Erin – discovered just the previous days and almost all the topics are begging to be read. She comments not only on anime-manga but also on ads and movies
aloe, dream by Ryan – neat blog, neat ideas, attractive posts to read
Shojo Corner by starsamaria – discovered just the previous days with quite long yet intriguing posts
Ephemeral Dreamer by Ephemeral Dreamer – with a keen eye observes and remarks points and original topics in anime and manga. 
We remember love by ghostlightning – no introductions needed. I can’t stop being amazed by his way of writing and his ideas. Humor is also an exciting trait of his.
Behind the Nihon Review by a team of writers – recently discovered with posts that feel alive and are thought-provoking

Star Crossed Anime Blog by psgels – without spoilering much he offers a good first taste of the reviewed anime and the blog is very presentable
Hanners’ Anime’Blog by Andy Hanley – with a home-y feeling and more spoilers this blog is usually the second place visited after Star Crossed to get a holistic view. Laconic and effective reviews.
T.H.A.T. Animeblog by a team of writers – image and text loaded with a mix of reviews and editorials. The distinctive voices of the bloggers complement each other.
The Nihon Review by a team of writers – well explained opinions and nice structure are a good combination for a review blog
Sekijitsu by a team of writers – versatile posts, including illustrations, which are quite the center of attraction

The blogs were listed in order of frequent visit and interest this period. This means it’s flexible and can change in the future. So the bloggers who weren’t mentioned shouldn’t feel neglected. There’s also the issue of genres presented in a blog that might influence the times it’s visited.

So let’s dig in the 7 facts about us:
Foxy Lady: 

  1. People usually think of me as shy when they don’t know me well, which is strange… I mean, it might take less than 10 minutes of talking with me to see I’m quite assertive and open – if we have at least one common topic to discuss. I also love sexual teasing which hardly fits in a Holy Mary image.
  2. When I get passionate about a discussion my voice raises unconsciously. In texts I can get just a bit more fired up than I should, which I regret not being able to handle.
  3. My name and religion is rarely seen in the same sentence, much more with a positive tone, so with people I generally appreciate and can be open-minded, I avoid such talks. They can turn quite ugly. (Perhaps I shouldn’t touch the issue here, too – I’ll put a warning at some of the posts some day soon).
  4. I might be a ‘quiet’ person now, but I used to be a little monkey when I was younger. Yeah, I opened the cupboard above my desk, stepped on it and climbed above the not so wide wooden ‘arch’ above my bed…
  5. I miss the courage to state my opinion that I had in my teenage years. Then again, straightforwardness has brought me a lot of silly problems, too.
  6. IRL or on net me is me. I don’t change much from real life. Hm, the exception is me having an identity crisis about having gone around in wordpress as ayame and now trying to change it so I can be identifiable. Oh! and also liking 2D tsundere guys, who IRL would break my nerves.
  7. I have an ardent love for beautiful/luxurious things, i.e. art nouveau lamps or exquisite lingerie. Nice restaurants with a good atmosphere and a bit on the high budget are included. But because I’m reasonable with handling my expenses (this stems from guiltiness) I don’t buy things I don’t necessarily need. I try to indulge myself in more approachable things like an artbook of Elvgren’s pinups.
  1. I am crazy about the U.S.A. as a state and America as a culture. I was actually born there.
  2. The Los Angeles Lakers will always be my favorite team and the NBA the only reason I care about sports.
  3. I love finding inspiration by sharing my passions and the passions of others. That is how I came to love almost all things that are special to me, from the music of Akira Yamaoka and Girl’s Generation, from Mushishi and Revolutionary Girl Utena to the likes of Chip Kidd and Francis Bacon. Daydreaming while I am sucked by my passions is my one hobby I cannot get off from. 
  4. I like both the sweet romances and the more ‘passionate’ ones. Gender doesn’t play a role for me. Heterosexual and homosexual couples can both express love in many ways.
  5. I design books for a living. My ambition is to become one of the best designers around the globe. I have come to love beautiful design and illustrations of all kinds and styles. What attracts my eye is a combination of vivid colors, intense feelings, smart ideas and creative solutions to hard problems. Here you can find some of my professional projects and artwork on the Behance Network.
  6. Books are big love; I always carry one with me and take good care of it. I might not have been a good student at school but I love literature and mythology, and lately historical and political books have attracted my attention.
  7. I am quite the introvert but I do enjoy going out with the few good friends I have or spending time in their house watching movies and playing games. Because of my character I often get trolled, but thank goodness Foxy Lady can be quite as trollable as me. I get the chance to have some fun…

The Aniblog Tourney starts on April 15th with our poll scheduled on 21st, and so we’d like to ask from our readers to support us, even if we won’t go that far.

For now the participants lay dormant, dreaming dreams of love and friendship.
But soon they’ll rise for battle…
… pick a weapon and wreak havok, shattering their sweet dreams.
They’ve made a contract after all with QB  the Aniblog Tourney Staff and I wonder how wry things can get…
The anisphere will turn upside-down.

Ok, apart from joking (and Foxy Lady’s chance to use PMMM fanarts), we hope things will go smoothly and bloggers will be polite. Tactful criticism is always accepted, but trashing hurts and there’s no room for it in this sphere, if we desire for it to be a peaceful and respectful place of exchanging ideas. After all, the Tourney is organized decently for the second time now and its purpose is mainly to promote new bloggers. That’s why the big names of the ani-sphere aren’t in the first rounds.

Good luck, minna-san! Let the best win! And don’t PMMM on us!


12 thoughts on “And the game shall begin…

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination you guys! And Foxy Lady, I so agree with you on number six – it's fun to see tsundere guys melt in fiction, but there's no way I'd see them as anything but jerks in real life.


  2. You can't imagine how happy you just made me! Both for your praise and the upcoming vote.

    Inushinde is more popular but I still hope that I can get through, if things go well and reviews and quantity aren't the only criteria favored by the readers.

    Thanks for dropping by!


  3. You certainly are assertive passionate, and that's what I love about you, Ayame!

    Also, book designing? You have one of the coolest jobs, Neko. ^ ^

    Good luck on the tourney~ I really hope to see you eventually!


  4. You make me blush, Yi! Neko just grinned from happiness.
    You deserve the mention 🙂
    Thanks for your wishes~


  5. Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate. It's warms my heart to know that my random posts actually inspires somebody, that's something I never thought of…

    Anyway, thanks to your assertiveness that I get to know and become friends with you. And, yeah lingeries are <3 we need more anime like Chubra.

    Also and of course, good luck to both of you on the tournament.


  6. @marinasauce: yeah, we didn't expect for this post to be fun for us, as well.
    Thanks for your good works. It lifts some spirits up and helps to keep going. As for the photos, it isn't something totally new, but he's glad you liked it.
    Thanks for commenting!

    @Ryan: Every man to his taste! Thanks for dropping by!

    @Snippet Tee: If it hadn't be for you, I wouldn't have got to know so many other animebloggers, I wouldn't be on twitter or animenano and I wouldn't be motivated enough or in the right direction to make this blog better 🙂 Yeah, your content is inspirational; it makes someone want to learn more, read more, be more creative.
    Oh, Chu-Bra was a nice recommendation, thanks for it. You should expect something titilating on the subject in the near future…
    Thanks for the wishes, too 😀


  7. I see. I didn't trace it far enough to see anything other than tournament talk and publicity. Thanks. And I'm not too keen on Madoka, but I enjoy the art.



  8. It underestimated how fun it is to see the award I give move on to others >.< It's exciting! And WOW, I looooove those book designs, Neko! Publishing is one of the areas in which I'm interested. I like how you not only show your designs, but take actual photos with you holding the pieces.


  9. Ryan, the versatile blogger award doesn't have to do with the tourney. I didn't do this to gain votes either. It's a chance to show appreciation 🙂

    Aside from the awards, what about the madoka references? Liked it, hated it?


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