Footnotes on Mushishi

Our culture values written speech a lot and this fact relates to the notion of ‘study’. Study as an extended linear analysis didn’t exist in oral people (tribes where written code isn’t used or isn’t common), since the latter didn’t have written documents and they depended on collective learning from mouth to mouth a lot. But what exactly is going on with oral culture? What is oral literacy? What’s the relationship of oral speech with the written word? And how is it all connected to Mushishi?  Continue reading



Foxy Lady: They are going to vote for us, right?
Neko: O-of course… why wouldn’t they? With such beautiful appearance and wittiness… (and who would dare to anger a goddess like you, anyways?)
Foxy: Oh, they’ll certainly gonna honor my tail, right readers?

Lingerie: Weapons of Seduction or Performing Sex

Love, sex, ladies, no regrets […]
I love to make the people stare
They know I have that certain savoir-faire”
– Christina Aguilera, EXPRESS

Lingerie is art: they’re beautiful and although not necessary for survival, they add that special flare and taste to life and their wearer. Lingerie is a weapon: powerfully unleashing sensuality, signifying sexual mood and rocking your lover’s world.

Have I got your attention?  Continue reading

You threw the glove, I throw my tail…

This is our opponent on 21st of April in this massacre-lustful Aniblog Tourney. Yeah, he is the one certainly. He has admitted it himself. Answer to Question8. Would you vote for such a shady person?

So Inushinde from Shinde Iie Anime Blog & Review took out his weapon first and decided to fire with some magical tricks… I know, I know, impostor is a very used word already, isn’t it? Then, what about manipulator?

Ka ka ka ka… you think you can go against a goddess (and a merchant)?

Oh, let’s see why Inushinde is a manipulative man. Shall we take his points one by one?

  •  The reason behind the ‘kitsune to neko’ behind the URL and our nicknames is clearly stated here. And one can be lead there by the About page, too.
  • As stated in the post about the Anitourney a week ago or so, Neko comes from USA, is nuts with American culture and is an avid fan of Lakers. Not to forget the ode post to California. America-haters? Right… As for Rick Santorum and Boku no Piku: Foxy Lady has commented on Inushinde’s post and well. apart from the satire, we aren’t interested in young boys or in coprophagia or anything similar ( I bet you all know the definition of Santorum, right?)
  • Taking things out of context sure is ebil~~~ and careless… I mean just go to the link he provides, read and reach your own conclusions.

Would you vote a blog whose owner is so manipulative and hides crucial information from his readers? Oh and careless. Wouldn’t that tell something about the quality of his reviews?

As for the ‘vote for purple’, puriiiiiiizu – we have had two templates with purple in them in the past. Yes, because we do make our own interesting templates and don’t just adapt to a boring, much-used default template. Just check the ‘Past Templates’ tab on the menu bar.

But I guess that Inushinde, like much his header suggests is a tsundere, and just expresses his love for us this way.

Just look this blush.

What other reasons you have to vote for us?

Search as much as you want on Shinde Iie’s Categories, but in the letter ‘S’, you won’t find any reference to 3 god-like anime, hence Simoun, Shoujo Kakumei Utena and Spice and Wolf. On the contrast, you may take a sip of divinity in our blog’s tribute to them.

Recommended posts (pick whichever suits your interests):
You can start with the three posts above and if you find them good reads, you’ll probably might want to check out any post from this last year. Also, Ikoku Meiro commentary series is great, if you enjoy cultural tidbits.
Other Animation:
Draw With Me- A Glass Wall Between
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Worldviews (though a bit old and unupdated):

The Universal Patient: Schooling (Foxy Lady is a teacher)
Innocence Lost or Talking About a Fallacy (?)
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And some music to spice things up

Variety of topics, as in any other sector of our lives, makes up for adventure and continuous interest. Therefore, vote for us!

*waves tail*- yes, because a goddess, a true descendant of Horo, like Foxy Lady, never wags her tail.

GLorious Love – Part 1

Spring has arrived, love flourishes like flowers and my yuri/yaoi manga recommendation project begins along with it 🙂 The posts will contain each time 3 manga with different levels of mature content (from 0-3), so that almost everyone can find something of his/her interest to try out. Rape themes aren’t my cup of tea, but if there is one handled seriously, it’ll be stated with a warning, along with other major info (author, number of volumes etc.). These post will be as spoiler-free as possible and SFW (if some panels are NSFW they’ll be set in a link instead of displayed here openly).

Ladies go first, so here we go…  Continue reading