All I want is to be your harbor

You’ve got a journey to make
There’s your horizon to chase
So go far beyond where we stand
No matter the distance
I’m holding your hand
Sail your sea
Meet your storm
All I want is to be your harbor
The light in me
Will guide you home
All I want is to be your harbor
Harbor by Vienna Teng
And a confession-like post about love in the spirit of Valentine’s day. For my love to take in his heart and the world to think about.
Warning: Image heavy
Love is respect and thus…
…flourishes between equals.
 Love involves dropping the masks and getting accepted.
This includes of course letting your guard down and being honest.
Love is also to wish happiness for the person you love, even if that person isn’t in your reach.
When mutual, love is a gift, true bliss, healing, warmth;
it’s pure magic: it transforms you. Love helps you ‘grow up’.
But it can also be worrisome and agonizing.
Love is finding joy in the smallest things- it’s sharing.
Among other things love is about believing and trusting in the other.
Love can endure and can last long.
And as it can be sweet, it can be kinky as well.
Love resembles dancing. You keep on moving but you stay together. You communicate harmonically on a melody and you can exchange roles, if you want to.
When in love, the slightest touch is comforting. Leaning on each other or hugging brings peace at your mind.
You discover that even a chaste kiss overwhelms you. That’s love. The feeling of the other’s lips is divine.
Love is the necessity of sleeping next to your loved one and when the morning comes you are happy to open your eyes and say good morning. You anticipate the cuddling and you can’t live without it.
Love takes place when you enter a room, pass by all the other people, spot your loved one, scan him with starry eyes from top to bottom and then go straight in the beloved arms.
Love is a journey on a cart around the world. You keep each other company, you take the same route, you have fun, you face hardships, you learn, you cry, you smile.
Anata, thank you for everything 😀

4 thoughts on “All I want is to be your harbor

  1. @inori: Your honest words are really touching and you can't imagine how rewarding they are! Thanks a lot, dear inori, for stepping out and letting us know that you enjoy what we do and share. Really, you've made our day and put a great smile on our faces!


  2. Dear kitsune and neko,
    I've been visiting this page every once in a while for the past six months and I can't tell you just how much I enjoy it every single time. Your arrangement of words and pictures leaves me overwhelmed, happy, serene, and a tiny little bit sad. However, this is the sort of “good” sadness that occurs when you're deeply moved, because you're reminded of beautiful, long gone times. Especially the blend of all those feelings is truly enjoyable. Please never ever think of taking this page off the web, it would be a shame. You guys have a fan!
    Best wishes from Germany,


  3. I'm so happy someone appreciated my post! Commenting is always a joyful thing to receive and even more when new people come to our blog! Thank you very much 🙂

    Happy Valentine's Day! Even if you are single celebrate the love you get and give for others in general. Some years ago I found the day stupid and made me feel awful, since I was lonely, but now it has a feeling of reward for waiting love to come, for being a tender lover and retaining my relationship- keeping a relationship alive (in distance moreover) is even harder than getting into one.


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