When angels touch my heart : transcending classical pieces

There are times when you hear a melody and immediately you feel drawn to it. And beyond your religious beliefs, you feel that something divine blessed you; that perhaps you connected with an ethereal sphere or the universe. Phrase it as you want to. 

F: I was fascinated with classical music when I was young and danced ballet. Then my parents resceduled my program in such a way that I couldn’t continue… I also played the piano till year 5 of primary school, but I decided to stop because I found music exams one more source of stress. Silly me. So I actually didn’t listen as much to classic music as before. When there were an exceptional concert on the island, I attended. I had also bought some cds of Yanni and Vanessa Mae during my (junior) high school years.  It must have been during my first year in university when I ‘saw’ music from a different perspective. Yes, it was through anime that classic music made my heart flutter, rejoice, squeeze and cry. In particular it was La Corda D’Oro (=The Golden String).

And yes, I still haven’t watched Nodame Cantabile and I’m aware that La Corda is just a harem shoujo with all its flaws and fairy-tale elements that make many people vomit, yet I got attached to the characters not only for their handsome appearences but also for their development and devotion to music. This series may not have to offer a serious approach towards music in ‘educational’ terms, but it gets you engaged with it. It’s all about your feelings and attitude towards music.

Hino Kahoko and Tsukimori- art by Kare Yuki, wallpaper by kitsune/ foxy lady/ ayame (in Neoromance) [brushes by obsidiandawn]

That was the piece with which I fell in love to at first listening and I was stuck with the idea that pieces intended for church can be very well heard as erotic pieces, too. I thought and still think that such beautiful pieces describe the most beautiful moments with your special person- when you get all the way and reach ecstasis, there’s something divine and angelic there. Especially this violin cover gives new wings to the piece. It touches your inner chords, one by one, gently, sweetly and poignantly at the same time. It overwhelms me till today. (I guess the Romeo- Juliet scenery helped as well)

Recently, I discovered that this Ave Maria is one of the two existing. This one is Schubert’s. The other one was composed by Bach. The videos are sung Ave Maria- I chose them carefully: not opera-like voices and unique colours in the voice.



Other classical pieces that stole my heart from the same anime were the Morning Mood by Edward Crieg and Albinoni’s Adagio- both interpreted by flute.

Yunoki Azuma- wallpaper by kitsune/foxy lady/ ayame [stock by inmagine and kiniro no Corda CGs, brushes by obsidiandawn]

The first is quite refreshing. In the first contest that took place in the anime, this song was chosen by Yunoki Azuma for the contest’s theme, Opening up. And indeed it sounds like a soft breeze caressing your cheek. The bamboo scenery used in the anime is very appropriate. It’s so very soothing.
Adagio on the other hand is heart-breaking. The lonely flute produces a haunting tune and seeps through your bones- there’s no piano accompaniment here, the wind coming out of the flute bares you from your defences relentlessly. It’s played when Yunoki is alone to help him calm and express his sorrow for his smile is most of the times a facade.

Yunoki Azuma- wallpaper by kitsune/foxy lady/ ayame [stock by inmagine , brushes by obsidiandawn, anime screenshot]

Adagio is also sung by Lara Fabian. Strong voice full of emotions, conveys the sentimental fragility of the piece wonderfully.

I’ll move now to something more modern. Something as enchanting and lullabying as Ave Maria. That’d be Vanessa’s Mae, Solace. It’s repeatitive motiv that escalates brings images of tender night encounters and passionate lips and hands, it brings warmth and solace in the heart and a small fire to the whole body.

Yann Tiersen is one more composer that I love. I discovered him not through Amelie paradoxically but through the AMV that follows.  Comptine D’ un autre ete is a melody that makes you wanna swirl and cuddle and get under your blanket and kiss in the rain- a masterpiece. In this fanmade video is combined magnifiscently with the cycle of life.

wallpaper found on net

To end this post, honoring my lovely Neko (and in his laziness and lack of many of such pieces), I’ll post Carly’s Comando, Everyday, a piece he introduced me to. For him this piece brings images of swimming, of staying still and leaving the waves to hit you slowly and reminds him the wonderful time we had in Germany in public baths. I visualise budding flowers, curling up in front of a fireplace, laying on your shoulder and tough good-byes… Yes, I think that it could match the agony after we separated in Germany and the screaming pain of the empty place on the bedsheets 😦  I hope we’ll be soon together.

P.S.: This is a hard semester for me and a tough period in work for Neko. So, we apologise for not updating. During holidays we’ll try writing 2-3 posts.


2 thoughts on “When angels touch my heart : transcending classical pieces

  1. thanks for your good words and more over for dropping by to check 😀
    About the AMV you're right! I had totally forgotten I saw it from your blog…
    Rachmaninov's a great musician 🙂
    As for relaxing in holidays- that's a dream: too many references to write and a mini-research…
    stay stand by, because more will come during holidays


  2. It looks like you spent quite some time putting this post together – great job! 🙂

    You list some of my favorite works in this post, with nice art complementing them.

    I do not recall Solace, so that was a pleasant surprise – thank you 🙂

    Of the art, I like the very first picture in this post the most, featuring an angel with closed eyes.

    I also posted that AMV a while ago on my blog.

    Yes, that adagio is very good and quite famous. I also like this one with a little different flavor

    No problem. Many people are busy and don't have the time to post. I also had a very difficult semester and working now…

    I hope you'll get a chance to relax and enjoy this holiday season! 🙂


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