"Why did you die, you fool?"

Satoshi Kon said his goodbye to this world a month ago

The title is the question one of his partners asked after hearing about his death. He died so young…there’s no need to repeat what a great loss he was.

It’s not that anime will never be the same with Satoshi Kon gone. It’s now much more likely that anime will always be the same. ~ Jesse Betteridge

I don’t have to say much, the truth is. Others have spoken and told much better things than I could do, because they know more about filmmaking and have watched all his works- I still need to watch Paprika, but I don’t dare Perfect Blue and I’m not sure about Paranoid Agent (thrillers aren’t my cup of tea). So why do I write? Because I read the news accidentally and the instant I read them my eyes overflowed with tears. It sounds exaggerating and overdramatic, especially from someone like me that I had watched only Tokyo Godfathers and an Ani Kuri short of his before the news. But for some reason I felt it as a personal loss. I’ve had my father pass away from brain tumour and my granpa from lunge cancer and I could sympathize. And yet sympathize is not the right word.

It’s been a month now and life went on. But  those first weeks it felt like a lie and it was stinging inside. There’s no one who can take his place. He was unique more than anyone. Even if there are still some oustanding anime directors like Mamoru Oshii, they make films with different themes, different atmosphere, different style. I think I cried because I won’t be able to feel again what I felt with his films. Because I won’t ever enjoy another new film from him- apart from Dreaming Machine perhaps, that’ll come out soon, hopefully.
The only thing I can do is talk about my memories I made through his films. And I’ll start with my favourite and my first. Although Tokyo Godfathers is something totally different from the rest of his works, he succeeded at creating a wonderful humane story that throws light to people whom we always forget, willingly or not. Sublime social commentary without preaching intensions, drama with modesty and always fitting, heartwarming humour, loveable and realistic characters, many skillful face and gesture expressions, fitting music and a story that you’ll seek to watch every Christmas and not only then.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v9rxafeamC4]

Then there’s that short. It only lasts one minute, but it’s so… Satoshi-like! This man could leave his print everywhere, on everything he did. Beautiful and something that eveyone can relate to: early morning waking-up…

[youtube http://youtu.be/GsOI_5ftUJc]

After the sad news I decided it’d be a disgrace not to have watched at least Milennium Actress. So I did  and in the process of searching about his films I bumped onto Magnetic Rose, a 40′ minute short. These two, as well as the rest of his work I guess, are the essense of Satoshi Kon, the master of spilling the insides of our minds out to the real world- be it memories, dreams, illusions or fantasies. And he knew how to do it exactly. Films full of colours, great music that left me with chills (especially the opera music in Magnetic Rose), a bit of sadness seemed to be a constant igredient and masterfully sequence changes (especially in Millenium Actress). Although I didn’t like much the ending of both, I enjoyed the intriging and weird mingling of reality and our perception of reality. Of course they are puzzling. Of course that’s what Kon-san wanted us to feel.But you just can’t not get carried away. They are so beautiful that you’ll note, you held your breath at some points.

[youtube http://youtu.be/ZUdcIpQOnYQ] [youtube http://youtu.be/gYkhZFJaIL8]

Lotus was a favourite song of Kon-sensei. Not without reason. Combines traditional with technology sounds, past and present, a non linear time impression

A Paprika , Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent AMVs

[youtube http://youtu.be/D0WtvOEuJgo] [youtube http://youtu.be/QAp-bBTT6zM] [youtube http://youtu.be/8G0SDiUng_A]

To end this post (one after a fast 3 months pause -I was on educational holidays) I’ll link to other interesting readings, other bloggers, interviews and the translation of Satoshi Kon’s last letter, that shows how much of a gold heart and love for his work this man had.

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Kon-san and his children
He just left for a trip in space…

Take your pen and write your story, co-traveler~

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