AKROSS CON- a russian AMV contest

AMVs have become popular and that’s not without reason. Some may insist that this kind of ‘product’ is not anything very creative, since it uses material already produced by other people. But if we accept written works that are based on other books (e.g. critics by a professor B on a scientific issue addressed by a professor A), why can’t we accept videos that are based on other videos and give a different point of view? Seferis, a Nobel awarded Greek (for literature), had written “Our words are many people’s children”…

This russian AMV contest has to show some little diamonds of beauty in concept, feelings and technique. Enjoy! 

[youtube http://youtu.be/dE1PbF7Y7Yc]

There’s a dubious yet beautiful etymology  for the word ‘human’ in greek (anthropos) : it’s said that it stems from looking(throsko) upwards(ano). When did an ape become human? It was exactly at this very moment, when he gazed the night sky and the stars sparkled in his eyes and heart, filling him with wonder and awe, with many questions about his own existence and his purpose on life. One of the first cultural inventions was the calendar that was needed for agricultural activities. But to devide the time, man turned his look upwards, to the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars. And although astronomy began as something practical, it went further. People’s hopes for the future and people’s dreams of a glorified or reknown life ‘got written’ on the night stars and the other ‘floating’ entities in the vast dark infinity called universe. The latter were given names, were made something of people’s reality. And countless stories were woven all over the world. Stories of love (see Altair and Vega), of  fame (see Hercules) of its own creation (see Milky Way mythology) and many many others. Back then people had made their life just a tiny bit more beautiful with those stories. We should perhaps turn our gaze upwards as well: to think, to imagine, to hope -and maybe to be reminded how small we are and what we really want to do with this small life on this small blue-green planet in the sea of darkness and light.

[youtube http://youtu.be/lwOoRaFPpmE]

! the video contains very quick sequences- it may cause seizures!

This AMV stresses the need of time we have. In the difficult times we live, we hardly ever take a breath. Even our dreams are rushed. No time for rest, no time for dreams, no time for ourselves (for hobbies and contemplation), no time to love…it’s sad really. The journey is the fun, but we waste it; we don’t value it and throw it away. Many people have lost sight of what’s important…Work, survival, the psychological atmosphere in the vast cities. “One hundred  breathes and not even one real” (Mpofiliou -100 mikres anases). We run and run, tick tock, time flies away, ‘I must hurry’, tick tock, ‘so many things to do!’…until one day we lay some feet under. Then it’s too late…but for the rest life goes on; and again: run, run, tick tock, run!

[youtube http://youtu.be/-vXdeW00tlE]

The last one I’ve selected can’t be described with words. The feelings you get, when you watch it are overwhelming. The calm, somehow sad, music, the words fading from the screen, the noir style- all blend in a unique way to create a short-lengthed masterpiece. What is it -to live…


2 thoughts on “AKROSS CON- a russian AMV contest

  1. our pleasure 😀 Neko-kun liked more the first one and less the last…he really is something, don't you agree? Different tastes…


  2. The last video shocked me. “Wonderful” is not enough. It proves amvs can really be art. Thanks so much for sharing it in ur blog


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