Memory- a short film by Osamu Tezuka

[dailymotion id=x30okh]
We mainly know the great film-makers from their long-length features and we ignore other shorter creations of them. This is one good example. Tezuka parodies here human memory, while giving a quick lesson of cognitive psychology, one might dare say. His style in this short film mingles real people faces with 2D animation, perhaps with the intention of adding a caricature feeling to it. It makes me wonder, if Yuasa Masaaki is influenced directly from Tezuka.

Let’s take a look at the qualities of memory Tezuka mentions in the short:

  • Memory is based on oblivion. If we couldn’t forget ,then we couldn’t remember either. The useless details are erased.
  • Memories are organized inside the brain. We remember what leaves strong impressions.
  • Memory is selective and distorting and idolizing.
  • Memories are influenced by emotions and influence emotions. Bad memories either get pushed away or get magnified.
  • Time soothes and minimizes the effect of memories and memories wear off.

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