What makes the world beautiful?

the world without

This blog is named after Kino no Tabi’s motto, so for the first post we thought it natural to begin with our world views and what we find beautiful in this world.

Foxy Lady

Beautiful things and moments are what give life joy, meaning, make a person feel ecstacy and relief, so in a nutshell, if the world wasn’t beautiful even just a little, I’d think of my life as unbearable.

What I find beautiful in this world are usually things and situations that make me experience emotions, that can travel me or teach me something, reveal me a simple truth.

Hence almost every form of art speaks to my heart: literature, music, theater, cinema, anime, painting, dance…What ensures a journey to my senses and soul.

Books always have been dear friends who mystified me into the world’s secrets and my own self, showing me live styles, opinions, characters, far away places and people’s inner desires, the complexity of human nature.

Music is a healer. Celtic music can make my day, rock can excite me and get me going, classical and new age can relax me. There are lyrics that you say ‘hey, are they written about me?’ and help you get over your wounds or understand yourself and others. The songs act like homeopathy for me quite a lot. At times of deep sorrow, helped me with sad tunes and lyrics to get over that sadness and move on. Songs fill me also with hope and very often appear in internet or on radio just the right time to express me, to offer a helping hand or a smile.

Theater, movies or anime can give a great deal of food for thinking and at the same time carry you away with the enchanting music and pictures. Just the retelling and recapturing the essense of a story through another view point, a unique personal one, is beautiful.

Painting is beauty in its raw form. It gives off serenity or uneasiness. It may tell you a story, let you have a glimpse of the frozen time through the artist’s eyes or rub the reality in your face. I am usually attracted to delicate and intricate drawings and illustrations. It’s a magical attraction I can’t really explain.

Dance is a unique kind of communication, which not only keeps you in fit, but also helps you deal with your emotions. Anger, sorrow, joy can be ‘talked’ by your body language and afterwards blissfulness takes over.

All of these are deep down the same, just use other means: words, notes, colours, body.

And then there is nature. A singing bird, a pretty flower with an alluring scent, magnifiscent mountains, colourful valleys, a bright sun on an azure sky or a fair moon illuminating the darkness of the night. Nature existed even before people did. And was the ‘cosmos’ of this planet that breathes. Nature will always be a place to soothe my soul.

Lastly, the world is beautiful, because of the love in people’s hearts. Every kind of love: a passionate one between lovers, a tender one between family, a trusty one between friends and a generous one towards humanity. A girl that cries because it forgot its drawing for her mom in the classroom, doesn’t it make the world beautiful? Unexpected help from a friend, doesn’t it fill with beauty your heart?A doctor that offers food and gives life to children born in misery, isn’t he a beautiful person? Making love, whispering sweet, meaningful words, caressing gently and kissing roughly, isn’t it beauty beyond words?



For me, the world itself is not beautiful at all. What is beautiful though, are those special moments, those that just can’t come by schedule or any sort of preparation, when you can just feel alive more than any other time. So I can’t tell you what makes the world beautiful, but I can tell you what sort of activities or things have made me love my staying here ’till now, what beautiful moments I have lived in these world ’till now. Perhaps if you try the same things you feel the same way I have.

Listening to music, especially when I am alone. Many great songs in lonesome times and isolated places are the best way to get a special moment. What a beautiful world, Kitty come home, City of New Orleans, Atlantic City, Keep on the Sunny Side, are some of these songs that made me feel special.

Reading stories. Any kind of great story, from the adventures of Lenny and John, to Lord of the Rings, The Ring, Ethan Frome and some many other stories. I know most people will disagree, but only if I could have a life dedicated only to reading books, I would have lived 10 lives in the time that others live half. Same goes for movies.

Walking, but with no music in my ears for most of the time. Maybe people don’t like to hear each other, but I prefer reality reaching my ears than melodies. Besides, there’s nothing more unique than listening words from languages you can’t understand and would never expect they exist as you walk the concretes of the city. You can then start listening to how people say things, not what they say. That’s special on its own and yes, that’s life and I am living it.

Being with people I love. Listening to music with them or watching movies with them, or just eating. It’s too special to explain. That can make a moment special.

Sex and Kisses. Can’t tell more details on this one, you have to live it on your own to understand it.

Any of those activities could give you wonderful moments. The world won’t be made of those moments only of course, but do not despair, that’s part of life. If we are optimistic, in the end, instead of some heaven or hell, we may relive those moments along with the people we love. Now, wouldn’t that thought make an indeed wonderful day?


3 thoughts on “What makes the world beautiful?

  1. @kitsune

    Thanks for your good words. We'll try to make it even better (content and design)
    Perhaps we'll make a post about how we came to name the blog url like this.
    I'm interested to hear your opinion about what makes the world beautiful

    @truth be told

    thanks for dropping a comment! Yes, beauty is all around 🙂


  2. awesome blog guy you rock, the world is beautiful no matter how you see it, beauty lies everywhere, from the waterfalls burried deep inside wild forests, to autumn leaves scaterring around during a chilly morning =] keep up the good work


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