2014: 5th day of Animanga

vlcsnap-00020Regular readers of our blog know that shoujo and comedy aren’t our favorite genres. The former category feels too “innocent” and “sugary” for our tastes, while many anime trying to provoke laughter usually end up relying on pretty cheap, often sexist, jokes. That’s why we were very careful before our first encounter with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, a title claiming to combine the two genres on the surface (and I say surface because the manga is published in a shounen magazine, something that slipped our attention at first). What we weren’t expecting was just how much of a pleasant surprise this series would be. Continue reading

2014: 4th day of Animanga

010Though violence is a prevalent theme in modern animography, one needs to search very well to find truly disturbing themes and situations in mainstream titles. Even though I consider myself a fan of the horror genre, there simply haven’t been, in recent years, many cases where TV producers have given us quality animated horror. That’s the reason I was both excited and curious to see whether Tokyo Ghoul would be what I was looking for: an anime filled with darkness, sleaziness and raw brutality instead of just some second-rate Hellsing rip-off. Continue reading

2014: 3rd day of Animanga


This year I started trying out some retro anime with my partner but we kept being disappointed in that they either were boring or had some notoriously awful script and equally ridiculous characters. So I was a bit afraid that we would drop this series, too, but we were pleasantly surprised by how good it actually was. We have to thank the anonymous joker, a commentor here, for the recommendation.

Carried by the Wind:Tsukikage Ran or Ran, the Samurai Girl, as it’s known in English, is a small hidden gem created by MADHOUSE back in the early 2000. If you liked Samurai Champloo there are high chances, you’ll love this as well. I am actually impressed that this isn’t more well known, what with slice-of-life and comedy series being popular and the fact we don’t get often female samurai much more a show all of their own.  Continue reading

2014: 2nd day of animanga


I was between this and Koe no Katachi when selecting the titles for the 12 Days of Christmas, but since the latter will get an anime soon, why not spent this space to shed light to an unknown title that had me crying at each and every chapter no less. I tried to avoid spoilers as much as I could in this post, so please enjoy this review! Continue reading

2014: 1st day of Animanga

by kurahara chinatsu

Terror in Resonance was the big name of the summer, coming from Shinichiro Watanabe. The reactions to the series varied from over-enthusiasm to satisfaction to total disappointment. The newbie inexperienced anime fans were the ones to hail it as masterpiece ignoring all the blatant problems the work had, but I can’t say I don’t understand their feelings about it. After all, that’s why I include it in the 12 days of Christmas.

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Nekketsu men doing nekketsu things: An interview with Mane


The original Getter Robo team. Left to right, Hayato Jin, Ryoma Nagare and Kuruma Benkei.


Anime published in Japan during the 1970s-80s may often seem more simplistic than modern titles, yet one can’t deny that some of the most popular anime concepts and cliches were born at that time. Tough young men fighting for justice, beautiful strong women that accompany them, supernatural enemies from other dimensions and so on. Though it’s been a long time, there are still many fans of that era all over the world paying tribute to the awesomeness of retro anime.

One of them is Mane, a Spanish artist who currently resides in Japan. She designs fanarts  of titles like Getter Robo, Saint Seiya, Devilman, Ashita no Joe and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure like only a small number of people can. It’s worth mentioning that she is among the few that make little adjustments on the original material instead of completely changing it. Thus, her work is very close to the retro feeling. That doesn’t stop her from adding her own perspective on the stories and their protagonists.

We’ve wanted to interview her for quite some time. Now, with the release of her latest doujinshi “Dynamic Fiesta Heroes”, it felt like the perfect chance to ask. Friendly, talented and full of enthusiasm, we present to you, Mane. Continue reading

“What’s this trans thing?”


Rui isn’t pleased with the way this question is posed. Learn how to talk and behave, please.  Treat others as the human beings they are.

20th November is Transgender Remembrance Day. 24 hours dedicated to victims of transphobic violence. I think this is a good opportunity to explain some things about the term and to dispel certain misconceptions I’ve encountered ever since my partner came out and I or she disclosed her identity to others, even inside the LGB community.

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